Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of Year Awards: Sex, Hate & Gaffes

More results from the End of Year Awardsn poll, in which 2,300 of you voted...


1. Chicken Saturday 35%
2. Vince Cable's 'From Stalin to Mr Bean' 23%
3. Burmese Monks protest 16%
4. Tony Blair's final PMQs 13%
5. David Cameron's conference speech 10%


1. Gordon Brown signing the EU Reform Treaty 39%
2. Brown's trip to Basra 19%
3. Grammar School-gate 12%
4. Lord West's U Turn on 28 Days 11%
5. Chris Chuhne's 'Calamity Clegg' 9%
6. Nigel Hastilow's article 6%
7. Patrick Mercer's comments on black soldiers 4%


1. Robert Mugabe 32%
2. Gordon Brown 20%
3. Ken Livingstone 15%
4. George W Bush 14%
5. Nick Griffin 6%
6. George Galloway 5%
7. Hugo Chavez 5%
8. Al Gore 3%


1. Zac Goldsmith 25%
2. David Cameron 22%
3. Angus MacNeil 17%
4. Nick Clegg 13%
5. Ed Vaizey 8%
6. Shahid Malik 6%
7. Ed Miliband 5%
8. Jeremy Hunt 4%


1. Caroline Flint 26%
2. Julia Goldsworthy 22%
3. Julie Kirkbride 17%
4. Nadine Dorries 14%
5. Justine Greening 10%
6. Jo Swinson 8%
7. Jenny Willot 3%


Anonymous said...

Not good reading for GB I'm sure his airbrush will be out again.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of Mugabe and Chavez, that's a pretty anaemic bunch of hate figures. Are politicians the world over so bland they can't even do bad properly?

Anonymous said...

How can any human human being, male or female, lust after such an unattractive personality as Ms Flint? I'd wouldn't care to be in the same room, let alone the same bed, or even party, as that one. Maybe, to her nearest and dearest, she is just a misunderstood sweetie, but it just doesn't look that way on TV. Oddly enough Nadine Dorries's killer anecdote on her blog looks rather believable to an outsider.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if it’s a Gaff or a completely new category but I think Cameron leading a standing ovation to B’Liar was a big mistake that will come back to haunt him.

Anonymous said...

That's some achievement - Gordon is more hated that "Dubya" and it only took him a mere 6 months and apropos something completely different - where is the much rumoured and "touted" "Baroness Booth of Crosby" in the New Years Honours List or perhaps the letter's got lost in the Xmas mail ?

Anonymous said...

Caroline Flint? Seriously?

Iain, I suspect that some of your readers have 'issues'.

I wouldn't cross the road to pee on her if she was on fire, let alone lust after her!

Anonymous said...

Lord Vermin - Quite!

Plus Patrick Mercer did not commit a "gaffe" over black soldiers. Read what he said. David Cameron deliberately turned it into a gaffe by deliberately misinterpreting it so he could grandstand as an all inclusive liberal. Mr Mercer has worked with hundreds more black men than stupid little David Cameron has. And the black men he has commanded have been doing a dangerous, arduous job of work. Not like the liberal, metropolitan elites swanking around like Trevor Phillips and Trevor McDonald (what is it about the name Trevor?) If he made a "gaffe", why did so many black soldiers who had served under Mercer come storming in to defend him?

This was a vicious, mean-spirited non-incident created by David Cameron to make himself look good. Failed.

As David Bodden said, he even commanded a standing ovation to the most dangerous, destructive, borderline psycho man in Britain. How about, as David Bodden said, a category for "Monumental Misjudgement of The Year"?

Also, a disturbing amount of political correctness here. Do people in Britain really "hate" Robert Mugabe more than they hate Ken Livingstone? More than they "hate" George Bush? I doubt it.

Sexiest Male Politician - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

If you had included Yulia Tymoshenko in your glamour poll she would have won by a mile! Yulia is the best looking politician on the planet, especially when she wears her hair up in braids!

Anonymous said...

Caroline Flint always looks to me as though she has her black leather and whip on standby.

Not being a masochist myself I find her rather scary.

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

RE: Mercer. His gaffe was the fact that he was telling 'the truth' regarding race etc. Would 'large-scale' immigration be allowed by the electorate in a referendum? The answer is no. What 'the establishment' wish to hear is that 'Britain' is a thriving multi-cultural country where tolerance is the binding force that keeps us all together; and that all immigrants are welcome and valued by the indigenous populace.

Anonymous said...

Biggest gaffe of the year? The LibDems announcing their new leader just before the Xmas hols.

No one gives a toss for politics over that period - never mind the voting public who are vegetating over Home Alone 54 and Terminator 6: Revenge of the Ipods.

The first few weeks are crucial for a new leader to mark out his ground and if few are paying attention he'll just be seen as "who?". Since he's "who?" to most voters anyway his problem has just been exacerbated.

Trying to make the running after the new year won't make much difference as the media will just say he's been leader for weeks now and should have done it sooner.

Then, maybe Ming planned it this way as his revenge on Clegg and his serial back-stabbing lieutenant Danny Alexander. (You should hear what Charlie says about his neighbour)

Unknown said...

Agreed, Tony. I can't really think of any British female MP, who I'd consider particularly attractive - Caroline Flint is okay, but nothing outstanding.

Anonymous said...

I think you made a mistake. You did not put the PM on the sexiest male. I thought you were supposed to be gay. You are obviously just pretending to win liberal votes. I am not gay but I thought gay men liked bears where is the bear on the list? Well the PM ofcourse.

Anonymous said...

Caroline Flint is not sexy.
She has a coarse face and manner.
She is a dreary on-message speaker.
Her favourite word is "issues", which she uses ad nauseam.
How about Ruth Kelly? Now you're talking. Cuddly Ruth IS sexy, and with four childre, one assumes she knows her way around a bed.

Anonymous said...

Caroline Flint?!?! The woman who hates people having fun? The woman who has NO sense of humour? The health fascist? On my god - she is vinegar t*ts...

By the way, Ed Vaizey should be No.1 :)

Mulligan said...

If you love a minger with a seriously snot attitude then Caroline Flint's your girl. What a dog.

Anonymous said...

I think I must be on my own, but I have no idea who most of these people are. ( thank God)

Anonymous said...

Although it doesn't really matter, it is something of a curiosity as to why there is such a sparsity of appealing-looking women in politics. Perhaps this is because politics is very much an assertive and cut-throat world where women have to don the vestments of machismo just to get by. Out of this atmosphere the mannish woman is born, and harpie-style hectoring replaces natural charm.

Tameside Eye said...

What about James Purnell as sexiest MP? He is such a dreamboat!

M. Hristov said...

I am very aware that television is a terrible medium for divining the attractiveness of people. I have known a lot of people who have been “on the box” over the years and some look wonderful on TV when they are completely ugly in real life. Others look awful on TV when they are really stunners.

I have never met Caroline Flint but her TV persona is absolutely abysmal. Boot polish hair dye, shrewish face and an uber patronising manner.

Since most of your voters will only have seen her on TV, I dread to think what possessed them to vote for her.

I suggest you write to Specsavers, Iain. They might like to advertise on this blog. It could be a "nice little earner" for both them and you.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Theresa Villiers didn't even make the sexiest female list.

Tory or not, she is far prettier than anything the other parties have to offer.