Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dale's Daily Dozen: Saturday

1. Dave's Part reckons nationalisation is no worse than bestiality. Hmm, reckon the jury's out on that one.
2. EU Referendum looks at the growing crisis in Chad and why the EU is sitting on its hands.
3. Cranmer is dreaming of a White Winterval... Takes all sorts.
4. Tartan Hero examines the Donald Trump Planning application. Laugh, I nearly cried.
5. Conservative History Group's Tory Historian ponders JFK.
6. Tim Worstall is not impressed by Tory plans for the BBC licence fee.
7. John Redwood reckons the BBC has fallen for EU spin on Bali.
8. Shane Greer is puzzled by his phone bill. And many other things...
9. Grendel is interested in "Love bytes". Best steer clear...
10. Steve Green rips into Jacqui Smith. Poor love.
11. Matt D'Ancona ponders naughty Mr Mandelson's latest meanderings.
12. Jon Worth reckons Labour bloggers are like Ostriches on the EU. Surprised?


Anonymous said...

Ah Haaaa!

You have become the Alan Partridge of blogging.

Anonymous said...


Nothing on how Brown's pay woes just got worse with Scottish teachers winning and welcoming a three-year pay deal worth almost 8%?

Anonymous said...

John Redwood always talks sense but without being unkind his presentation/body language is awful which works against him in this TV age. How much fossil fuel was used to get the delegates to Bali? Need I say more. Keep up the good work and buy shares in Northern Rock.
PS Vince Cable has had a great month

Theo Spark said...

And I am still in exile.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Iain.

Adrian said...

Thanks for posting links to blogs you've read, but for goodness sake don't force yourself to do exactly 12 links every day!

Tartan Hero said...

miss genie... read today's posting!

Cheers Iain for the link.

Anonymous said...

re Tartan Hero

Trevor Davies is not a Planner, but he was until May, Convener (Chairman) of Edinburgh's Planning Committee. In that post he has managed to cover large parts of Edinburgh in 2-bedroom flats.

His greater claim to fame is that he produced the TV series "Hamish Macbeth", starring Robert Carlyle and "Wee Jock" . Just thought I'd let you know....

Grendel said...

Thanks Iain,

As a mere speck in blogdom, this trebled my normal number of visits for Saturday.