Saturday, December 03, 2005

Vote for Carol!

Carol Thatcher has emerged to be the surprise star of the current series of I'm a Celebrity. Last year she came up to Norfolk and spoke for me at a fundraiser and absolutely wowed the audience. She was surprisingly nervous about speaking in public but had some great anecdotes, particularly about Denis. I first met her a few years ago at Politico's when she came to a party with Alan Duncan. She immediately lighted on a candle effigy of her mother which she then proceeded to light with a cigarette lighter. Thatch burns Thatch! Now somewhere I've got the photo. But she's been brilliant in the jungle, so brilliant in fact that I even texted a vote for her tonight!


Jonathan Sheppard said...

And how good to see a Thatcher winning an election again! Welcome back Mr Dale.

Anonymous said...

Well done Iain - excellent judgement choosing the winning side.

Gives enigmatic Norfolk grin, buttons lip and makes a dignified exit.