Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To the Isle of Man with Widders

Tomorrow there won't be much blogging, I'm afraid, as I’m off to the Isle of Man to host An Evening with Ann Widdecombe for a local charity. I’m ashamed at how little I know about the Isle of Man and its history and relationship with the rest of the UK. Widders and I have been invited to lunch with the Governor, who apparently knew her father. It’s commonly thought that homosexuality is still illegal among Manx-kind, but that’s a misnomer. It was decriminalised a decade ago. But they do still have a law similar to our old Section 28 – in their case it’s Section 38. It forbids the public promotion of homosexuality. Perhaps I should warn the governor that by inviting me to lunch he might be breaking his own law. But I suppose if he doesn’t tell anyone it won’t matter. So that’s alright then.

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