Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A New Era for the Tories

Many congratulations to David Cameron. He won an emphatic victory and fought a very slick campaign. It's now up to the whole Party to get behind him and offer their full support. DD made a typcially gracious concession speech and struck exactly the right note. I went along to the results announcement this afternoon - a typically shambolically CCO organised event. An out of control media scrum. I hope DC has people who can do a better job in future. I genuinely wish him the best of luck in the job. William Hague thinks DC has an indefineable star quality - you know it when you see it. He couldn't wish for a better start.

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Anonymous said...

I thought David Davis made an excellent speech yesterday Iain.I hope this campaign will leave him with his reputation enhanced.The press (and the public)believe that this contest was conducted with intelligence and civillity and credit for that should go to DD (and you).