Sunday, December 04, 2005

Something for the Weekend, Sir?

A few weeks ago I discovered the delights of Stuff Magazine. It may sound like a dodgy top shelf mag, but actually it's a monthly magazine full of the latest gadgets - X Boxs, 3G phones, Plasma screens etc. A certain Tory leadership candidate of my acquaintance, who's into his gadgets, had a copy which I had a flick through and it was so good I decided to buy my own copy. So I toddled off down to W H Smith at Charing Cross on my way home but couldn't see a copy on the shelf. So I asked a shop assistant if they had a copy. "Yes Sir, " he said rather furtively, "I'll just get one from out the back". And sure enough, he did! Luckily it didn't come in a brown paper bag (I'll avoid the punchline, which you've just thought of...). But I've decided to take out a subscription now to avoid any future embarrassment!

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