Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Secret Shame

I have a secret addiction which I feel I now have to confess. I like reading football (auto)biographies. This Christmas I have read three, all of them excellent in their own way. Andy Gray's was perhaps a little too predictable and bore all the signs of having been ghost-written, while the other two were highly original and from the heart. Lee Sharpe's book in particular is a great read - at times quite emotional. It's very conversational without being irritating. Sharpe seemed to have it all. He joined Man U from Torquay having only played 6 games for the fourth division side and went straight into the Man U first team. He played for England and yet somehow never fulfilled his potential. I always hoped he might join the Hammers - instead, he now plays for Northern Premier league side Garforth Town and lives with the infamous Abby Titmuss. Hmmmm. A man of some taste then... Joe Royle, on the other hand, is more of a meat and two veg man, but someone who seems to get deeply attached to whichever club he is managing. He's currently operating on a shoe-string at Ipswich, a club I'm delighted to say that West Ham have beaten twice in the last two play-off semis. Andy Gray is an alpha male Glaswegian who now stars as one of Sky Sports' main soccer presenters. He is one of the best analysers on TV and his doubel act with Richard Keys is always entertaining. While I enjoyed his book it was probably the weakest of the three.

So what's your secret shame? Feel free to share!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the Lee Sharpe book details what contributed to his downfall but my old Manchester contacts tell me it was the old blowzine. If so, a cautionary tale - I remember seeing him play and how great he was. Quel domage.

Glad tho he's okay now and boy is he dishy!

Anonymous said...

I once read a third of Jordan's autobiography.

I really didn't feel better for it. At all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iain
Glad to see you back on form - I did warn you about backing watsis name. Here is my shame - I don't know which of the Conservative front bench have indulged in the odd snort and want to keep quiet about it. Here is a prediction - Charles Kennedy will still be leading the Lib Dems in a years time and Francis Maude will be leading the Tories [in reality at least]. The Irish Geezer will turn on the Tories and give them what for. His views on aid are diametricaly the opposit of mainstream Tories and Bob does not suffer fools gladly. Mr Cameron has set out his hand to be bitten. How about lady Finchley being taken on as a consultant on "Having a good laugh?"