Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cameron 4 LibDems?

Full marks to those rascally LibDem Youth & Students for this instant reaction to Click HERE to see it.

Martin Kettle of The Guardian has an excellent analysis of this week's LibDem leadership woes. It confirms what I alleged below about Norman Lamb's views. Click HERE to read more.


James Hellyer said...

Well, the Lib Dim site is a charming example of selective editing.

Take, for example, "Dave and his Tory chums voted for Labour's dangerous and wasteful ID cards": okay, so he did, back in the days when Iron Michael, who had himself proposed ID cards as Home Sec. was desperate not to be seen as a hypocrite, but it's hardlya fair comment on Dave's views.

Unfortunately Dave's views on the Cameron 4 lib Dems site are far more scary.

Some of us in the Conservative family aren't partisan Conservatives and actually belive that we deserve to keep more of what we earn; have less government interference in out lives; community and respect for the law; and Britain controlling its own destiny, and are worried that Camoeron's overtures to the Liberals, and some of his task force appointments, mean that pur leadership no longer shares these goals...

Anonymous said...

need I say more?

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

It confirms what I alleged below about Norman Lamb's views.
But the important thing is you aren't bitter Iain. Incidently, I understand that rats make lovely pets for wannabe MPs on those cold winter nights.

Iain Dale said...

James, I'm not bitter at all. As I stated on a post below, Norman and I often have a chat when we run into each other in the Commons. I've got over it. Have you?!