Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jack Straw in Hicksville, USA

A friend of mine in the Commons who's an American Intern decided he'd introduce himself to Jack Straw this week - well, you know how forward Americans can be. Anyway, the Foreign Secretary was very friendly and told my mate about his recent trip to America. "Where are you from?" he politely enquired. "Kansas," my friend replied. "Ah, I wasn't far from there recently. I went to Iowa with Condi Rice," said Straw. "Whereabouts were you," enquired my friend. Now at this point, this anecdote proves itself better suited to radio than a blog. When you read the next bit, imagine Straw says 'Dez', as in Des Lynam - then you might get the point. "I went to a place called Des Moines." Get it? He said Dez Moines and sounded the s. Confused. So am I. I'll just get my coat...

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