Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Farewell Sir Malcolm

So Malcolm Rifkind was only willing to return to the Commons if he could be leader, or barring that Shadow Foreign Sec. What an ungrateful bunch we are. His statement this evening reached new heights in political arrogance. Here's an excerpt. "I informed David that, in the event of him becoming Leader of the Party, I would be very happy to concentrate on foreign policy from within the Shadow Cabinet if that would be helpful. If, however, he had other plans in regard to this and other senior positions in the Shadow Cabinet, it would be my intention to work for the Party from the backbenches. This is what I now intend to do over the period ahead." I am given to understand that Sir Malcolm has been Shadow Work & Pensions Secretary for the last six months. Hmmm. You could be forgiven for not having noticed. His absence from our TV screens and newspaper columns last week on the Turner report was lamentable. I'm delighted our new leader thought so too.