Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hypocrisy of the Beast of Legover

Although Dennis Skinner’s attack on George Osborne made the headlines on Thursday, he had been at it again a few days earlier during Home Office Questions. He launched a number of verbal assaults on the Tory front bench accusing them, and their new leader in particular, of all sorts of drug related activities. Sad to say that The Speaker was too busy gossiping with an adviser to notice and pull him up. Skinner’s said on Thursday that the allegations about Osborne must be true because they had been in the News of the World. This reached a state of Whitehall farce when Tory MPs gently pointed out that the Beast of Bolsover wasn’t quite so forthcoming when the News of the Screws exposed his affair with his secretary a few years ago under the headline THE BEAST OF LEGOVER.

From my diary in today's Independent on Sunday

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