Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One for the Ladies

I have just found the er, 'interesting' blog of LibDem MP John Hemming. If I didn't know better I'd have thought it was a spoof. Mind you, I suppose that's been said about this blog too! Can someone explain to me please what women see in this man?


Anonymous said...

The same as the 5 women saw in Steve Norris I would presume!!

Kevin Davis said...

He is quite mad!! Lib Dem Watch used to have a running battle with him before it mysteriously went off line.

No idea what women see in him but he does appear to have a whole stream of them queing up!! Must be a Lib Dem thing!

His blog is very dull! I wonder if he has remained an MP, although I had better be careful because I think I am right in saying he has a record of legal action.

Richard Allen said...

Well it has to be said that John is a tad eccentric but in all fairness he has been a superb councillor for over 15 years and I expect him to remain an MP for as long as he wants. The Lib Dem's have a brilliant set up here in Yardley, they have held all the council seats since the late 80's / early 90's and most of those councillors are both long serving and highly respected individuals. There is a very strong feeling in this constituency that the Lib Dem's do an excellant job of representing local people.

I would also be very suprised if John's infidelity was to count against him since it has been an open secret for years. Quite what women see in him (apart from his money) I don't know.

On a very serious point though we should remember that had it not been for John there is a very good chance that Labour would have got away with it's deplorable electoral fraud in the 2004 local elections here in Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

I suspect I'm one of very few of Iain's avid readers who are properly qualified to pass judgement on this one. It's a rotten job but I've taken the responsibility seriously.

Having studied his dreadful blog, Mr Hemming so isn't doing it for me.

Hope this helps.