Monday, December 05, 2005

Osborne Slugs it Out

A barnstorming performance from Shadow Chancellor George Osborne this afternoon responding to Gordon Brown's various admissions of failure. He had Hezza in raptures on Sky News and Hezza won't be alone. There's no doubt that there is little love lost between Brown and Osborne judging by their exchanges today and with George calling Brown an 'unpleasant brute' in the weekend papers. So much for an end to 'Yah Boo' politics!

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Anonymous said...

Agree that Osborne made a good speech.But attacking Brown for his lack of honesty was the easy bit.If he is confirmed as Shadow Chancellor today he will have to start selling both the pros and cons of a lower tax society where the state cannot and will not take care of everything.This will be a tough task for someone as inexperienced as Osborne,I hope he's up to it.