Sunday, December 11, 2005

An Eyeful for Her Maj

All round good egg Gyles Brandreth was in top form at the Parliamentary Press Gallery Christmas bash this week, modestly informing the assembled hacks he was there in his role as prophet. The head hasn’t got any smaller, then, Gyles! Brandreth, it seems is laying claim to have spotted David Cameron’s potential as early as 1993, when the 27 year old Tory golden boy was serving as Norman Lamont’s Special Advisor at the Treasury. In his capacity as best friend of the royals he went on to describe the Royal Variety performance as a “kind of Eurovision Song Contest endurance test with the added shame that all the acts are British” before regaling journalists with an anecdote about how the Queen got more than she bargained for at a recent Royal Variety performance. At the climax of a performance of the stripping scene from the Full Monty she copped a full eyeful of British manhood - in both senses of the phrase. Brandreth was horrified until Prince Phillip leaned over and whispered to him: “I wouldn’t worry, she’s been to Papua New Guinea, you know. She’s seen it all before.”

From my diary in today's Independent on Sunday

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