Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pound Loses Pounds

Now I'm fairly ecumenical in my political friendships and I've always had a soft spot for Labour MP and fellow big gob Steve Pound. We've graced many a radio programme together over the years. Indeed, I half ruined what remains of his political career on the Today programme a couple of years ago on the Burglars Bill & the Listeners' law (it's a long story...) and now I've cost him a shed load of money. He fingered my collar yesterday afternoon in Portcullis House and informed me that he would lose a lot of money if DD didn't win the leadership election. He said he'd put a bet on him on the basis that if I was supporting DD he couldn't go wrong. Steve was obviously oblivious of my own election result in North Norfolk... So at least yesterday's cloudy leadership election result was tinged with a slight silver lining!

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