Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Congrats to Sir Elton and Lady David

Earlier on 5 Live Jane Garvey kept apologising for saying Elton John and David Furnish had got married. She kept correcting herself to say "entered a civil partnership". No doubt this was a result of a lot of people emailing in to complain. Big deal. Why can't people just be happy? Sure, no one should pretend a civil partnership is the same thing as marriage. It isn't. Marriage is between a man and a woman. But to get hung up on it perhaps reveals more about the people who complain than anything else. Today I am just happy that people who wish to express their love for each other and commit themselves to each other have a public way of doing so. Hats off to the Government for allowing them to do so and hats off to the Conservative Party for having the courage to support it.

Later I caught a few minutes of a discussion on Sky News between Michael Brown (gay former Tory MP), Ben Summerskill from Stonewall and some homophobic cow called Lynette. The subject of discussion wasa civil partnerships. Brown and Summerskill could hardly believe the things she was saying, but it is, after all, a free country. I think it was her who had a visit from Inspector Knacker of the Yard after some choice comments she made on Radio 5 Live a few days ago. She seems to think that anyone who's gay should keep themselves locked up in a dark cupboard and pretend somehow to be straight. She then came out with a line which might provoke another visit from the Thought Police when she said "Asian and Black people can't help it." Dear oh dear. Keep digging...

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I've just found the nicest wedding video here.

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