Tuesday, May 04, 2010

LibDems Break Rules on Donations - 73 Times Over

In the last twelve months there were 75 donations reported to the Electoral Commission up to a year late - and therefore illegally.

Of these, none were from the Conservative Party, two were from the Labour Party and seventy three were from the Liberal Democrats - the whiter than white, holier than thou party.

Perhaps Mr Clegg might be asked about this during his visit to Eastbourne tomorrow.

Source: Electoral Commission.


M said...

No doubt they'd find some excuse like rightwing media scaremongering. They dont like this attention really.

Anonymous said...

You cannot expect the same attention to pettifogging bureaucratic detail from amateurs as from professionals (unless you are a NuLabour apparatchik requiring semi-literate people claiming working tax credits/child tax credits to fill in forms that the HMRC staff don't understand). If they have reported them late, that suggests that they are honest, albeit occasionally incompetent

Martin Veart said...

Rules are rules and fair enough.

Any idea on the size of the donations? Or wouldn't that make such a dramatic headline?

Colin said...

Maybe he should also be asked about his personal record on expenses, whilst he was an MEP?

Terry White said...

Certainly hope so. It's been too easy for them to play one party off against the other.
Also hope they will be pressed on their oft-stated policies of joining the Euro (albeit after a referendum I think?), closer EU integration and an Amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK (almost 1 million), arguing against history that this will not encourage more people to come here expecting another amnesty in future.

Anonymous said...

"They dont like this attention really."

Like all cockroaches, having a bright light shone on their activities makes them want to scurry for cover.

Twig said...

Try to raise the issue of handling stolen money from Micheal Brown on Lib Dem Voice and you'll get some idea of the possible response, it goes something like "next question".

Unknown said...

I hear my local Tory incumbent wants to charge the taxpayer £30,000 for his second home in London until 2012 if he is re-elected. I am 20 mins from central London!