Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Graham to Chair the 'Brady Bunch'

I'm delighted Graham Brady won the chairmanship of the 1922 Committee. He's been a friend for close on 20 years and worked for me at The Waterfront Partnership in the 1990s. I really think he will do the job well and provide a deft link between Conservative backbenchers and the party leadership. The job needs someone with a slightly independent spirit. It also represents a huge generational change. I wonder how long it will be before the 1922 Committee is rechristened "The Brady Bunch".

Graham isn't the only Conservative MP who worked for me in the 1990s. The other one, a member of the new intake, worked in Politico's Coffee House while studying for her bar exams. Enough clues. Who is she then?


Plato said...

I'm more concerned that he'll be Cameron's Bill Cash stunt double - a destructive internal Opposition figure.

Reassure me otherwise - please.

Pavilionopinions said...

The Brady Bunch still pack a punch,
Though silly, shrill and tart.
The Brady Bunch still have the power,
To tear the blues apart.

Resolved to fight on beaches,
All puce-faced, proud and bold,
I can't believe those b*stards,
Still have a stranglehold.

Lauchlan McLean said...

If he has Peter Bone as part of his committee G.d help him.

Jimmy said...

I think Lightweight would have preferred Ian.