Sunday, May 23, 2010

Compare and Contrast

When Gordon Brown came to power, what did we get? So much rain that half the country was flooded.

And when David Cameron became Prime Minister, what did we get?

Two weeks of sunshine.

When Cameron said 'Let sunshine win the day', he wasn't kidding, was he?*

*Just watch those lefty trolls go to work in the comments, now!


Tapestry said...

He'll be getting a dose of 1922 committee sunshine tomorrow by all accounts.

It was a foolish move by Cameron to attempt such a clumsy dismantling of potential opposition from backbenchers. It will guarantee more of it and sooner.

Tom said...

We've even got rays of yellow light in the Cabinet. No, wait, they're just Lib Dems.

Unknown said...

Well he is the heir to Blair. :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Just the World Cup to win now and the Tories can claim God has changed political allegiance, then.

In other news, Cameron promises that enjoying a beer on days like these is going to cost everyone more.

Let the good times roll, eh?

Dave H said...

Possibly, but an objective graph of precipitation in SE England vs. political rule would be:

Brown=too much rain.


Cameron=not enough rain.

And you interpret this as unalloyed success.

No wonder we all get fed up with bloody politicians.

Anonymous said...

Boring to repeat this I know but there was a rainbow over Buckingham palace when Cameron entered.

However I doubt that for Cameron Clegg or the rest of us we will find a place where 'troubles melt like lemon drops'

Johnny Norfolk said...

And we won the cricket.

Pam Smith said...

Let's see how we do in the World Cup before we get too excited.


Lossie Beachcomber said...

We've already won a World Cup this year. As Johnny Norfolk said. (good job there btw England!)

Can see it now after a few more weeks sunshine.... Cameron causes drought in South East! :)

Pam Smith said...

Rainbow over the Palace when Cameron entered can only mean one thing.

He can still be Dorothy!

Jimmy said...

England has one one soccer and one rugby world cup. Both under Labour.

You can't argue with facts.

Stephen Morris said...

I think you should be thanking Nick and Vince.

Jim Baxter said...

Don't underestimate such portents. On the day of the referendum on devolution for Scotland I went to vote no, no, and, well, actually that was it. You could indeed vote no twice.

When I came out I looked up in wonder at the bright blue sky. The wonder turned to dread as I saw two dead straight vapour trails intersecting at acute angles against the deep background.

Then I knew we who saw sense were boned.

That's a true story.

Unknown said...

The Lib Dems are the yellow party, therefore...... THANKS NICK FOR THE SUN! ;)

JohnRS said...

Joy bells are ringing,
The songs birds are singing,
And ev'ryone's happy and gay.
Dull days are over,
We'll soon be in clover,
So pack all your troubles away.

The sun has got his hat on
The sun has got his hat on,
He's coming out today.

Now we'll all be happy,
The sun has got his hat on,
And he's coming out today.

Gavin Gamble said...

It could have been Nick Clegg and his bright yellow ties.

Anonymous said...

@Jimmy. Britain also got one banana man, the Milipede the elder and one Lors Sleaze, both under Labour. Surely, you cannot argue with facts!

Now, when Brown took over by back-stabbing Blair by unleashing his Watsons, McBrides,Balls etc.., he materialised at every ditch overflows by rain, the photo opportunity BBC relished so much that Nick Robinson was hyperventilating with words (talking about the initiative):" Brown has got it, and Cameron has lost it"...", and the not stopping at that, the BBC had a field day praising Jaqui Smith with superlatives that I last heard in USA about Kissinger when he replaced the most ineffectual but gentlemanly Secretary of State William Rogers under Nixon. Who knew at that time that Brown will be the worst PM for a generation and Ms Smith will bill us, the taxpaying public, the cost of her husband watching pornographic films, all under Labour!!! You cannor argue with facts!

Paul Burgin said...

Oh well, if you want to take that argument how come my earliest memories are of living in Keysoe (nr Kimbolton un Cambridgeshire) and I recall it always being sunny (this would have been pre-Thatcher) or the bright day following Labour's massive win in 1997, or the fact it was already getting dark when Cameron first arrived at Downing St as PM ;-)

The King of Wrong said...

I seem to remember that The Sun changed allegiance months ago... ;)

p smith said...

I'm sure that it was sunny in Zimbabwe the day that Mugabe came to power.

DespairingLiberal said...

Is that anything like Nazi Germany, where sunny days were declared to be "Fuhrer Weather"?

I detect a note of personality cult creeping in here... and it's only been a few days!

The Grim Reaper said...

I do remember Call Me Dave making fun of Broon on this very subject in the Commons a few weeks after he became PM. It seems the weather, along with almost everything else, was affected by Jonah's curse.

Mind you, I don't especially care if England win the World Cup or not. The Reaper isn't English and lives in Northern Ireland, see.

Rob said...

I blame the global started in America, cutting back spending now would mean that The icecaps will melt by next Thursday, etc!

word verification was semen, lol!

Unknown said...

As Guido called it, Gordon was a jinx.

If England win the World Cup - we'll know that cameron really has the X Factor.

Goodwin said...

And we have a water shortage next month he'll probably wish he'd kept his cocky gob shut!

neil craig said...

Just what you would expect with 3 more years of "catastrophic global warming";-)

What a shame the government is committed to destroying most of the economy to stop this warmth.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the weather? With David Cameron in power, we will have years of darkness, arguably this sunshine marks his political honeyoon, but soon it will be over and misery will come.

Forward with Labour!

Plenty said...

I'm predicting two parliaments of Con-Dem coalition and I want it to go all the way...This new Liberal Conservative movement should start a revolution....