Sunday, October 19, 2008

Your Mainstream Media Habits

In my blog survey I asked which newspapers and magazine you read every day...

Daily Telegraph 42%
The Times 38%
The Guardian 25%
Daily Mail 19%
Independent 30%
Regional Daily 15%
The Sun 8%
Express 4%
Mirror 3%

And every week or month...

Sunday Times 45%
Sunday Telegraph 40%
Spectator 31%
Mail on Sunday 22%
Observer 21%
Economist 20%
Total Politics 15%
Independent on Sunday 11%
News of the World 9%
New Statesman 8%
House Magazine 4%

And then I asked which political programmes or channels you watch every day

BBC News Channel 46%
Today Programme 40%
Sky News 34%
Radio 5 Live 21%
Daily Politics 11%
Parliamentary Channel 6%
Fox News 6%

And every week...

Question Time 40%
This Week 30%
Andrew Marr 26%
Politics Show 22%
Westminster Hour 15%
Week at Westminster 15%
Sunday with Adam Boulton 13%


Mike Harrison said...

I'm somewhat amazed 25 per cent read the Guardian! I didn't realise there were any Conservative Guardian readers...outside of the shadow cabinet, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative Guardian reader - love Hoggart & Elliot.

You gotta love Petey Mandleson - my mum, rolls her eyes whenever I talk about politics was reading the review bit of the rag this am when Mandy came on and (she's going a bit deaf) but on realising it was our Pete said " oh, Richard, turn that man off" - instant vote loser.

Whey hey hey - too vain to accept he's loathed by people who were raised with proper values. They can blow all the dog whistles they want and it'll only be detrimental.


Seriously tho - if Digger got Parris back doing sketches then I'd be back at Times - better crosswords.

CityUnslicker said...

bit of a disappointment there for Paxo and the newnsnight crew.

Just as well, they are well off the boil of late.

Anonymous said...

Wot! None of those surveyed read the Eye?

word ver: vunpc!!

Anonymous said...

eyefan - don't think it was a category - everyone reads eye.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian shouldn't be judged by the high profile moonbats in the comment pages. Its coverage of the banking crisis was on the whole very good. And Simon Hoggart is gaining quite a following among us embittered old reactionaries.

But 40% of respondents watch QT EVERY WEEK? That is authentically disturbing. Does this 40% seriously expect any panellist to depart from the script that has been thrust into their hands, or does it consist of social anthropologists trained to intercept subliminal messages that are lost on the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to digress from this topic.

The CNN website announces that Gen Colin Powell saying he will vote for Obama

Anonymous said...

Do so many people still 'read' the Telegraph? A good point? Well its not 'The Independent'

I might buy it occasionally when I am travelling (to do the Codeword) - but its so full of appeasing sh*te these days I would not give it house room.

Take today's (Sundays) pathetic effort from somebody labelled 'political editor. And yesterday they had someone called Gordon Brown making all sots of daft excuses for the Prime Minister.

Total Crap.

Someone decent needs to buy it from the Barclay Bros. who are a pair of tossers.

The only section in its bloated weekend editions worth reading is the motoring section and even that is dominated by motor bikes and trivia. If 'Honest John' left its circulation would plummet.

James Higham said...

These, of course, represent the habits of your readers, Iain, as distinct from the sphere as a whole.

Iain Dale said...

James, I am tempted to say 'no shit, Sherlock'!

Anonymous said...

We've just cancelled the Telegraph Monday-Friday. It's got far too girly.

weggis said...

Why bother to read all that crap when you can get the highlights here? Or in the pub?

I take the view that if it is important someone will draw it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Just got home from a visit to Ozland. If the Brit DT is as bad as the one down under, it becomes clear why your readers are up in arms. Complete wase of time, cash, space and natural resources.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha - most of your readers watch the BBC more than anything else.

How ironic.

Carl Eve