Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Not Racist To Talk About Phil Woolas

So, what's new Immigration Phil Woolas up to? In an interview with today's Times he's essentially saying that he fully endorses Conservative immigration policy from the 2005 general election campaign. At the time, the Labour Party was accusing the Conservatives of racism and indulging in dog whistle politics. How times change, eh?


Nich Starling said...

Phil Woolas is a loathesome man anyway. If you look at his various campaigns to be elected as MO, most notably the all time low of the Littleborough and Saddlewoth by-election, but also in general elections sine, it speaks volumes about the man.

Old BE said...

Immigration control is only racist when the Tories talk about it!

Catosays said...

What's going on? Labour Party wanting to reduce immigration?
Then they almost throw out the metrication business. What's next?
Methinks the bastards are planning election perhaps?

Anonymous said...

If you listened to what he actually said on radio 4 it was "The govt MAY suggest that IF we go into recession then IT MIGHT look to restrict immigration" In other words nothing will happen..... think how many times that liar Byrne said something similar and nowt happened.

Old Holborn said...

Just listened to Any Questions on Pravda 4.

There was an interesting question from the audience as to whether the benefit soaked, Stella belching chavs of Accrington will even notice a recession.

They won't. They receive their beer vouchers and tax credits from Gordon, don't save any money, don't have mortgages to worry about or job security anyway.

Millions and millions of the UK's untermensch who could be relied upon to march from Jarrow or rush the police in Trafalger Square are simply happy enough under ZNL.

When middle England gets burned, the revolution will begin.

THAT is why Campbell has just capitulated to the Daily Mail with a few soundbites. He KNOWS we are angry and any more (Jack) straws will break our backs.

Smart man.

Anonymous said...


Let me first say that I was once an immigrant who was working in USA and is so called a minority with a brown skin. I supported Mrs T in 1979 and her immigration policy and I support now the Conservatives' immigration policy. In my opinion, the non-EU immigrants numbers have gone up very steeply, legal and illegal and I argued vehemently with CBI when I was a university academic in computing, that they should not cry about lack of skills and particularly IT skills as our own students could be easily trained to their requirements. Yet they lobbied so hard to the govt that thousands of work permits are issued to non-EU IT graduates every year. What is more concerning is that Indian companies who have taken over some of our companies in steel, car manufacturing and IT sectors are all importing thousands of Indian professionals on work permits who bring in depends of all kinds and stay permanently. I even showed the EU-wide expertise available and the CBI would not listen.
The culprit is Digby Jones.
The other scandal is when John Reid was the health secretary, he allowed tens and thousands of Indian doctors, many of whom have no jobs even today and some of whom are competing with our own medical graduates for jobs and the result is that our medical graduates have lost out. When the stupid on-line application that the NHS instituted about 2 years ago for hospital posts which was strongly defended by that idiotic health secretary Patricia Hewitt, our medical graduates with excellent qualifications lost out as there was no space in the on-line form to fill in their additional qualifications and experience. Disgused these bright potentially excellent clinicians have left the country and a few of them have gone to do other things.
While we can get all medical school applicants from our own A level students, the universities are going abroad to recruit medical students and the scandal is they are supported by our overseas aid fund while our own graduates are taking tens and thousands of loans. I have complained to Denham about the scandal in recruitment of so called students to new universities through the 'clearing' route. In 'clearing' the universities can accept any student. The normal published entry requirements do not apply. Through this route, literally thousands of students in Africa, India, Middle East,.. just about any where can come in through a student VISA and can work upto 20 hours a week. In my experience as an admissions tutor, these students come to work and hence bring very little funds and they start working almost immediately just about anywhere and within weeks stop attending lectures and within months disappear. Unless we close a few new universities, this will continue. I stood upto principals and VCs when they were crying for overseas students. Just go and look at Imperoial and UCL and see how many overseas students are coming in and if you enquire about how they are funded, you will be surprised that it will be you, me and others through taxes. They are supposed to go back after education and seldom do. These students in UCL and Imperial alone could be in hundreds. Our students have to take out loans.
We need to stop immigration from outside the EU immediately and for 10 years. We have enough medical graduates trained in this country, IT graduates trained in this country and other science graduates traied in this country and do not need any more work permits. I have written to Phil Whoolas. I have writen to Cameron,detailing all the above.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who moved here from China several years ago to study, and after nearly a decade she's decided she wants to move back to China mainly because she's disturbed by the culture of teenage girls having children and then living off benefits for the rest of their lives. So that's minus one immigrant, Mr Woolas - but for all the wrong reasons...

Anonymous said...

Whats Woolas up to ? He and the Labour Party are re-positioning on immigration to close out the issue advantage for Conservatives - ahead of Brown going for a snap GE in the New Year before the recession really bites and the electorate are still blinded by Gordon saving the global banking system single-handedly

Anonymous said...

One can sense that Alistair is positioning...

However events on Wall St. may overwhelm even him.

Prodicus said...

The Grid's got it.

Anonymous said...

NuLab believe in controlling immigration?

If they were to say

"NuLab believe in smaller government"


"NuLab believe in lower taxes"

might you reach the conclusion can you can put lipstick on a pig and it still might fly.

Anonymous said...

why did 'that' come out as can? Losing me marbles evidently.

David Lindsay said...

Phil Woolas is only stating the bleeding obvious: we need less immigration if we have rising unemployment. Of course we do.

We also need more economic protection generally, and no more unaffordable wars, including those that are already going on.

Anonymous said...

When Blair was in trouble, he always raised the subject of foxhunting in an effort to distract the voters' attention from whatever hole he was in.

Is immigration going to be the new distraction?

Will Alistair's little wheezes work this time round? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

More spin and lies from Labour. Could there be an election on the way?

I remember Jack Straw saying similar in the run-up to the 2001 election. When Labour won all his 'plans' were simply dropped.

11 years of lies. Don't believe anything they say.

Anonymous said...

This has spin doctor fingerprints all over it. Presumably they will be hoping that making these tough sounding announcements as the GE approaches will take people in yet again.

Anonymous said...

As unemployment grows more rapidly in London and the South than here in the North, can we look forward to a Harrow Hunger March of distressed yuppies up the Great North Road?

Victor, NW Kent said...

I think the regime has advanced a story about an immigration points system at least 6 times in the past 18 months. It may or may not be in use. If it is used then its criteria are secret.
During that same 18 months Labour has recoiled in horror at the idea we should restrict the population growth by stopping non-EU immigration for all except vital jobs.
Now suddenly they wake up. We are short of water, housing, schools, hospitals, power and cash - we cannot spread those still thinner.
Definitely they are moving to the Centre Right before a snap election.

Anonymous said...

They won't do it anyway, this is nu labour, they break promises and spin. They know they can't do this, but anyway they don't give a flying toss, as they hate the British people. AS for the Metric Martyrs,. look, MANDELSON is back, and he is an EU man, and the problem is EU directives, so NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Theo Spark said...

You can tell Mandelson is back. All we have had in the last two days is spin.

Anonymous said...

I work with a guy not long out of the military, who found a house and a job your side of the water. When his landlord sold up to move OUT of Britain he went to the local council who couldn't house him, they'd houses alright, but they were set aside for asylum seekers, so he came to NI.

Thankfully they've got a house now, Britains loss is our gain, but Woolas should know its White Britons leaving and their places are being taken by immigrants who cannot speak the language properly in most instances. Is it racist to say that, if so I apologise in advance for I'm not racist, I merely comment on what seems to be happening in front of my eyes. Which is Britain is turning into a third world country, and Labour is driving that process.

John M Ward said...

Yes, this is spin, and fairly obviously so. I worked in the Home Office Immigration Dept under a Labour government and I could tell real stories of what the Ministers then were all about, most notably one Alex Lyon...

Meanwhile, if anyone were to put lipstick on an animal, please make it a pit bull so we can have a Hockey Mom. Much more appealing!

Anonymous said...

Agree with above posts. This is pure Labour spin to cancel Tory popularity on immigration policy.
The other Labour "narrative" at the moment is:
"Gordon is an experienced strong man. The Tories, especially Osborne are useless".
This message seems to have been swallowed by the head-bangers on ConservativeHome, who long for Simon Heffer and John Redwood to lead the way.
Jeff Randall in the Telegraph is proving to be a useful idiot with his chip on the shoulder criticisms of the so-called Cameroons. He was gleefully quoted by michael Crick on Newsnight yesterday on "useless Osborne".
Well done Jeff. Looking forward to another five years of Brown are you?

Anonymous said...

The Daily Telegraph is happily commissioning some commentators who are prepared to plunge knives into Cameron.. Gordo is writing here and a few others, so called right-of-centre commentators in that newspaper are happily wounding Cameron. Janet Daley tried her best ridiculing Cameron and Heffer gives pinpricks to Cameron in every postings. Who are the enemies of Tories? The right-of-centre commentators the likes one finds in DT.

Is this to help to get knoghthood for DT owners?

Man in a Shed said...

Too right Iain,made the same point - but using a great deal more green ink - myself.

Lets not forget the outrageous lie that Labour told against us in 2005 ( and this one has brown finger prints on it ) of our wish to fire every Doctor and Nurse in the country - ( Camera flips to Blair buying Gordon an Ice cream ).

Lies, smears, spin, untruths and incompetence. Its all New Labour.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the grid is right, and there are enough credulous voters to help nu lab's strategy as well.

Anonymous said...


A lot of people get confused that politics should have something to do with philosophy - we know better. Love to your family - great post.


Laban said...

The original interview was actually in last week's Sunday Times.

The BBC left it for a week without reporting it at all, then this Saturday it was all over the BBC from the first news broadcasts onwards.

I do wonder if someone in the Government rang the Beeb to ask them to "big up" the story.

Unknown said...




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Anonymous said...

"So, what's new Immigration Phil Woolas up to?"

Every time nulab talk about controlling/reducing the number of immigrants the numbers increase. Same as the tories.

Too late to do anything about it now anyway. Might as well sit back and wait for the inevitable blood bath.

Anonymous said...

Visited London recently?
It's like another country.
I was the only white person in my tube carriage, until two others got on. They were Australian tourists!