Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Capitalists@work are watching the lights go out due to the credit crunch.
2. Donal Blaney exposes the Labour PPC who is breaking US electoral law by fundraising for Obama.
3. The Huffington Post thinks Colin Powell is about to endorse Barack Obama.
4. Ordovicius says it's all kicking off among Welsh bloggers.
5. David Cornock says goodbye to Westminster to spend time with his children. Is he mad?
6. Jon Craig exposes the Labour MP who's done a U Turn on Gordon Brown.
7. Dave's Part reckons Gordon should do for the unemployed what he has done for the banks.
8. Douglas Carswell MP reports on the Conservative victory in Canada.
9. Toby Harnden asks if a Conservative journalist can really be allowed to support Obama.
10. Paul Linford urges a speedy return for David Davis. But he's not holding his breath. That makes two of us.
11. Norfolk Blogger argues that there's nothing wrong with a bit of 'solitary' for kids.
12. Andrew Porter wonders if Brown has just had a Tebbit moment.


Anonymous said...

Donal Blaney is a fool

she is 20 years old and a PPC in a completley unwinnable seat.

what a bitter rant.

lets engage 20 yr olds in politics and then castigate them for a mistake, that is complety inconsequencial.

ive tried to post this on the bitter ones blog, but its such a hassle I cant bothered

Anonymous said...

The BBC, having last week hailed returning economic confidence, today relegated market data from its News Front Page. In unrelated news, the FTSE today fell by 7 percent.

Anonymous said...

What a joke you are Richard. Why does it matter whether or not the seat is unwinnable? Are candidates only supposed to obey the law if they're in winnable seats?

Why does being aged 20 matter? Is she below the age of common sense or something?

How can it be a mistake? She admits that the law does not permit overseas donations but she still recommends people contribute an illegal proxy donation instead, even after all the problems with Harman, Hain etc. Is she learning impaired?

And Labour want her in parliament?

Anonymous said...

French finance minister has just scuppered Browns claims that he was the architect of the bank deal.
He was just the first to implement the deal agreed by several members she said.

Anonymous said...

Most seats are unwinnable for Labour :)

Tony said...

Rex, Brown has got form for taking credit for other people's moves. It is sad really.

Anonymous said...

The dozy mare has no chance of winning that seat, but if she is too dumb to realise her little shindig is against the law, i can see her getting into a few scrapes with her expenses if, god forbid, she gets selected for somewhere like manchester central and actually gets in...

Paul Linford said...

Thanks for the link Iain, but I'd be interested to know your views on whether DD should be given his old job back, as opposed to your objective assessment of whether he will be.

Anonymous said...

Re: Richard S. It's easy to post on Blaney's blog, click on the... er...'post a comment' link and type. It's the same process as with this blog in fact.

Iain Dale said...

Paul, If Cameron wants his strongest Cabinet of course he should be brought back.

Donal Blaney said...

Always happy to help:

I've included the relevant legislative wording to help you all out now.

Unknown said...

The Obama event is now just a supporters party and is no longer fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Pisspoor, the lot of 'em. "All kicking off among Welsh bloggers," indeed. Whatever next, small earthquake in Chile?