Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Tom Harris was unimpressed by the Parliamentary break in yesterday.
2. Richard Spring on the abandonment of 42 days.
3. Brassneck (in the form of Dan Hannan) says Obama will win because the West Wing says so.
4. Zehra Zaidi says the new Young Muslim Advisory Group is a bad idea as it reinforces difference.
5. Media Guardian on changes at the New Statesman.
6. Cicero's Songs on the winners and losers of the economic crisis.
7. Tom Harris on an awkward dilemma or courage or cowardice.
8. Paul Waugh analyses Cameron's claim that he got there first on bank recapitalisation.
9. Dizzy asks if you'd like Margaret Thatcher to crack your nuts.
10. Phil Taylor on Will Self's pain (and hypocrisy)
11. Paul Scully on Sutton's £5 million Icelandic hit
12. Tim Montgomerie on a very calm David Cameron


Anonymous said...

Just seen the funniest thing I have ever seen on C4 news

Two floppy haired well heeled upper class tory type 40 somethings gripping that their multimillion pound tax haven cash in the Isle of man is in trouble, as they put their cash in an icelandic bank on the IoM... they are demanding that Brown bail tax dodgers out... Jesus tories are truely unbelieveable.

Will we see cambo bailing out these poeople in his manifesto.. probably

Anonymous said...

ohhh my god you have let Gove out of the bunker...put him back

Anonymous said...

I wonder which old guard will be rolled out for this thursdays bbc QT... Howe, Hurd even Major

Malc said...

Do you get a commission from Tom Harris?