Saturday, October 18, 2008

You and This Blog

I asked when you started reading my blog...

0.6% within the last week
1.4% within the last month
20% this year
29% 2007
34% 2006
11% 2005
4% before 2005

How do you read the blog

* 15% via an RSS reader
* 61% via your favourites on your toolbar
* 10% via another site
* 15% by typing the domain name each time

How often do you read Iain's blog

37% said more often than you used to
11% less often than you used to
52% about the same

15% read the blog four or more times a day
44% two or three times a day
24% once a day
12% a few times a week
3% a few times a month
1% very occasionally

Other snippets

4% of you think I blog too often
7% of you think I am a Conservative Party mouthpiece
7% say you would read me more often if I was more impartial
0.8% think I am a disruptive influence on the Conservative Party
15% want less gossip and more policy analysis
78% of you like my occasional personal ramblings
24% think I am too fair to political opponents
24% of you think I am not as influential as I think I am
75% of you think if I get something wrong I normally apologise


Anonymous said...

Iain - i often disagree with what you write - and occasionally say so, and would prefer more policy analyis, but its a very good blog. Thanks for allowing those of us who dont share your views to say so on your blog, its an important contribution to the cutr and thrust of daily politics

Mike Harrison said...

Only 0.8 per cent think you are a disruptive influence on the Conservative Party?!? Not bad, given a larger percentage of the Party membership probably think David Cameron is a disruptive...!

Seriously, though, it's a blog that comes across as fair. It's not as though you hide your allegiance, so there's no worry in that regard - and you let others have their say.

As daniel mentions above, I do think this blog offers an important contribution to the cut and thrust of daily politics, and I hope that will continue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who feel your blog plays a key role, especially in these times where the media (or should that be meedja) come in for such unfair and ill-informed criticism.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have not bothered to be honest to enter this poll (or anybody else's.

What I am is right
I said Brown would throw money at his dire poll ratings and he is

Given all the taxes we have been throwing at the government during 11 years of 'good times' then that should be easy. there will be loads of money in a surplus wont' there.

err no.

How come government borrowing is good but private borrowing is bad?

Just when will the govt pay back all its borrowing? Bring in some measly sort of surplus to cover the massive spendthrift borrowing?
If you are a dumb socialist the question can be rephrased - 'When will the govt put up taxes?'

Anonymous said...

How many, percentage wise, say you get shirty and swear when someone pokes fun at you....

just thought I'd ask

Carl Eve