Friday, October 17, 2008

The Blogs You Read Every Day

I asked in the survey how often you read various blogs. I list below all the ones more than 5% of you read at least once a day. It's interesting that many people think all blog readers read the same blogs. I think this is much less true now than it used to be. Blogs now have a much more diverse readership.

Guido Fawkes 67%
Spectator Coffee House 31%
Conservative Home 30% 28%
Dizzy Thinks 22%
Nick Robinson 16%
Devil's Kitchen 15%
Ben Brogan 14%
John Redwood 12%
Boulton & Co 12%
Comment Central 12%
Three Line Whip 11%
Archbishop Cranmer 8%
Burning our Money 8%
Mr Eugenides 7%
Red Box 7%
EU Referendum 6%
Tom Harris 6%
UK Polling Report 5%
Donal Blaney 5%
Dan Hannan 5%
Tim Worstall 5%


Anonymous said...

I read four of the top five every day, and that's it. I'm boring! Think I'll have to start reading Coffee House to make it an even five...

Anonymous said...

What?! No Lew Rockwell? Outrage.

Anonymous said...

Ive just listened Radio Four's PM.
Here's how they reported David Cameron's speech.
"The Tory Leader is facing criticism today for his speech on Gordon Brown and the economy".
No details of the speech, but we immediately get Labour and Lib Dem spokesman on to rubbish the speech.
Later, a news announcer tells us The Tory Leader appears to have broken a truce between the parties.
Later still, an e-mail is read out from someone who is disgusted at Cameron's speech. (probably Derek Draper).

Bloggers, particularly on ConservativeHome complain that the Tory leadership isn't attacking Labour enough. What can Cameron do when the BBC deliberately sabotage anyting he does.

Anonymous said...

Your question was as seriously biased as the nuclear survey. The only choices offered were political blogs, so your conclusions are meaningless.

I read far more non-political blogs than political.

Iain Dale said...

Er, that would be because the survey was about political blogs. have you ever considered entering Brain of Britain?

Anonymous said...

This is my top blog, which I read every day, along with Slugger O'Toole, then Guido...and picks from the others from the list..

Anonymous said...

Ian you get a mention in the politics show weekly news letter, re their imminent demise. They say its not happening..:)

Adrian said...

Well done for writing "every day" and not "everyday".