Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Norfolk Blogger says NO to Andrew Neil presenting Question Time.
2. Tom Harris bangs on a bout using mobile phones on trains again.
3. Sunny Hundal complains that the Democrats are playing safe and have no fire in their bellies.
4. Sunder Katwala on why the Belgians like Bush. George W, that is...
5. Kiwiblog has some polls from the New Zealand election.
6. Glyn Davies welcomes David Cameron's change of tone.
7. Greg Hands on Parliament's dereliction of its duty.
8. Paul Scully on how to fight the Liberal Democrats.
9. Platform 10 on why green taxes are a good thing. One day someone will write about why green incentives rather than punishments are a good thing. Just sayin'.
10. Peter Hoskin says Cameron needs to be blunter.
11. What did Blair & Bill Rammell know about Abu Ghraib asks Guido.
12. Donal Blaney has a very apposite quote of the week.


Anonymous said...

"bangs on"? Hardly fair, old chap.

Laurence Boyce said...

I totally agree with Greg that we should have had a parliamentary debate and division on the bailout. But the reason other parliaments have held these debates is probably because they were obliged to have them. Here, our constitutional arrangements are so haphazard that we can get away without bothering.

The solution is root and branch constitutional reform, but this has never been the strong suit of the Conservatives who, as the name implies, generally like things to stay the way they've always been.

Anonymous said...

I've been pushed into the tiniest corner in the Western World I guess, but I kinda liked Bush. Yeah, I'm an Imperialist and a Catholic to boot - how bad is it that to expess such a view in polite society is deemed so offensive? Better to fight for defense and oil and lose, than not fight at all.

I'll get my coat. The rake has regressed perrraapppss.

Old Holborn said...

And Old Holborn reminds us why the 5th November is very important.

Anonymous said...

Rather a lot of lists lately!

Anonymous said...

Ok - bear me out for a mo.

Russians are proud and rightly so, Chinese are proud and rightly so, Indians are graceful which shames us all, Pakistanis are tribal which scares the life out of everyone.

Had Bush & Blair not taken the initial flak of what was inevitable then we'd have been 5 years behind.

Just a thought.

I'd have planned it better but who cares? Job done - next.

Idiots and frauds have their uses.

No excuse for Geoff Hoon though.

Anonymous said...

Labour have taxed Middle class households into debt. Then encouraged middle class families to take out equity in their homes to pay for the taxes.

They now want the middle class to pay further taxes for the bailout caused by the collapsing housing market, which is a result of Labour's ill-concieved policies.

Anonymous said...

Would a community bank have been so mental?

More beer nurse!

Screw the banks.

Anonymous said...

How come I feel like I've been screwed without a taxi?

Yup - Osbore needs to go. Willetts? Clarke wouldn't do it - don't blame him. Letwin's autistic. Fox is stupid. Davis couldn't care two hoots. Villiers?!?!?

Anonymous said...

The prosiac utterances of men who believe that control has been their purvue has ended: deference has gone, security is required. I guess this is what the shy Benedictine knew - God runs with grace. The next generation has risen.

I'm at a difficult age - 33 - half cavalier, half roundhead and half bloody angry.