Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. The Daily Pundit speculates that Derek Draper is about to sue me.
2. Three Line Whip on the BBC's hounding of George Osborne.
3. Dave's Part thinks that Phil Woolas isn't a racist. But...
4. Trixy asks if the LibDems keep a bandwagon parked in their garage.
5. Paul Waugh reveals that George Osborne dissed DD too. And we should be surprised by this 'revelation'?
6. Matt Wardman on the Welsh blogging event.
7. Donal Blaney explains the dangers of Facebook.
8. Wilted Rose says it's time to get tough on road killers.
9. Tom Harris reckons Theresa Villiers cannot be serious on a third runway. He is not alone.
10. Danny Finkelstein defends the honour of his newspaper against Tim Montgomerie.
11. Man in a Shed has some questions for Robert Peston.
12. Next Left writes an obituary for David Evans.

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Wrinkled Weasel said...

So you had lunch with Derek Draper. Fisting with Panthers?