Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. LabourHome has the evidence that everyone was warned about Icelandic banks. Several times.
2. Adam Boulton has a great anecdote about the late Bob Friend. So does Jon Craig. Guardian Obit is HERE.
3. LibDem Voice wants a LibDem Speaker. Or Gwyneth Dunwoody...
4. Andrew Neil asks if Gordon Brown has a Plan B.
5. Dave's Part argues that it's none of Jacqui Smith's business if he looks at Asian teens.
6. Lindylooz Muze has put 20 questions to the LibDem presidential candidates.
7. Yorksher Gob's a big girl. She can take it. She loves a good row!
8. Tory Radio on the joys of bingo.
9. Politics & the City on Kofi coming out for Obama.
10. Iain Martin wonders if Dave is about to take his gloves off.
11. Bob Piper reckons it's cruel.
12. The Spectator Coffee House on the one and only Gordon Brown.

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Anonymous said...

have you seen the welsh politico blog awards - there is actually a tory who has won something fro blogging in wales!