Thursday, October 23, 2008

Younger Papers Reveal Role in 1989 Leadership Election

There some very interesting papers from George Younger's archives which have just been uploaded onto the Margaret Thatcher website. They shed some light on his role in the 1989 leadership election. Essentially, they show how deeply she had already been damaged a year before the end, even in the eyes of strong supporters


Anonymous said...

I just saw the repulsive slime ball Hattersley use every nasty bullying and lying technique on Q Time.. what a twat if a tory did that it would be called condescending racism- really - I am glad I shagged his dog and turned it gay.

Jabba the Cat said...

I am reminded of such events every time I see that back stabbing douche bag Heseltine pontificating on tv.

What rankles still is the fact that I don't recall Mrs T being voted out of office by the electorate.

Anonymous said...


Your challenge tonight is to construct a sentence including the words "paint" and "dry".....

Sorry to say but, how many people even remember "Gentleman George" Younger?

strapworld said...

All little people compared to the collossus called MARGARET THATCHER.

I am amazed you print this attempt at whitewashing the greatest political betrayal of all time - from which the conservatives are only just emerging.

True greatness was this blessed woman who transformed this country from a basket case left by the Wilson/Callaghan Labour Governments to a Strong Country that believed in itself.

Can anyone, in or out of the Tory Party, see any resemblance between Baronness Thatcher and David Cameron?

I ask because we are now a basket case again, caused by another Labour Government and out here in the real world people are very very angry!

Has Cameron got the Thatcher GUTS?

Anonymous said...

I really do think it is time to stop saying 'X cannot measure up to Y', Y being anybody from Churchill to Thatcher to Ken Clarke to John Redwood .....

Cameron has succeeded where Hague and Howard (much as I respect them) failed. Constant derogatory remarks about his dissimilarity to Lady Thatcher do not help. I for one do not wish to see this ghastly shower of s***s remain in Government, and Cameron is the man to see them off.

salisbury said...

I'm sorry Lakelander, but if you have any sort of feel for the texture of politics then the Younger papers offer a fascinating glimpse into the sequence of events that led to the seismic fall of margaret Thatcher.

The piece that fascinates me is the "Apostles" - a group of eithg MPs who acted as unwitting agents of the Thatcher intelligence network, deftly manipulated by the late Ian Gow.

Does anyone have any idea of who any of them were?