Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ladies & Gentleman, Please Welcome President Palin

If you have ever tried to imagine what Sarah Palin would be like in the Oval Office, click HERE.*

* Run your mouse over various parts of the screen and click. Hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Looks all too convincing. I'd quibble with the baby names though. Should read:

Airforce One

Anonymous said...

Scuttlebutt is that McCain really is far more sick than revealed.

Anonymous said...

The surprises behind that door are just a scream ! And this is being updated daily ? Must view stuff.

I hope it doesn't turn out to be some sort of advertising gimmick for Greenpeace or something...

Anonymous said...

Men dressed as squirrels:

Heresiarch said...

Where's the moose?

Anonymous said...

Is she doing a "screen test" for the next series of "Commander in Chief" ?

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does McCain remind you of Pte Godfrey ?

Anonymous said...

Americans tend to lie to pollsters. Your man could bring back memories of Bradley (running for California gov) come morning of Nov 5th.

Anonymous said...

Just give it a rest Ian. Now that you have told us that you and the Conservative party want Obama to win it does you or Cameron no credit to post such garbage.

Iain Dale said...

It's funny. It's satire. And when I want advice on what to post on my blog I shall be sure and ask for it.

And I didn't say the Conservative Pary wanted Obama to win. I speculated that there were a lot of Conservatives who did, though.

Paul said...

There have been funny anti-Palin media made but this isn't it. Apart from the baby names.

If these people had treated, say, Obama with the same measure as Palin we could have had some really funny stuff. You know, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and the likes. Wait, that wouldn't be funny. Just like this.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Political correctness will prevent satire about a black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama II who wants to be president of the USA.


Political correctness will not prevent satire about a white mother with the name Sarah Palin who wants to be deputy president of the USA.

Iain Dale said...

To the person who wrote at 8.49 about my Telegraph column, your comment has been deleted as you posted it in my name. Grow up, idiot.

Anonymous said...

IAN DALE wrote this article in the Daily Telegraph last Friday.

US Election: Why top Tories are turning their backs on John McCain

He even incluided this paragraph "Many shadow ministers remain publicly coy about their leanings, but it's remarkable how few, even privately, express any enthusiasm for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Ian Dale writes today:

"And I didn't say the Conservative Pary wanted Obama to win. I speculated that there were a lot of Conservatives who did, though."

So where was the "speculation" in your original article Ian?

Iain Dale said...

Your spelling of my name is about as accurate as your accusation. Nowhere did I say the Conservative Party wanted Obama to win - which is what you (I presume it was you) suggested above.

I also did not write the headline to the piece.

The quote you give does not back up your assertion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for spelling your name incorrectly IaIn, so why did you delete my original post that you said was in your name?

IaIn said

"Nowhere did I say the Conservative Party wanted Obama to win"

True. But IaIn did say:

"declare our support for the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama."

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for perpetuating sexist rubbish from the lefty liberal US mainstream media.

Can someone elucidate on how a hockey mom from Alaska could be any worse than the Lefty-liberal neo-con pseudo-intellectual clique of crypto-bankers, illiterate economists, erstwhile statesmen, halfwit-satirists and shallow degenerate journalists who have led us into the Slough of our current Despond?

Go get em girl.

Paul - You cannot satirise a black man. It gives them apoplexy in New England.

Meantime we see life imitating art.

Anyone seen Kevin Costner in 'Swing Vote' ??

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has no time for gay Liberals.

Liberal Dave has loads of time.

Another Day said...

How dare you glamorize Sarah Palin satire, Iain. You could really offend hockey mom joe six-pack mavericks everywhere...

Nice one - Keep up the good work!

Yak40 said...


The $250K bandied about is because it's a tax "zone" boundary.

IMHO the important lesson from "Joe" is to observe the Obama nuts' vicious reactions to one who dares question the Anointed One.

This follows their attempts to spam WGN radio for having a reporter on a show that questioned Obama's truthfulness, shut down showings of ads they dislike and so on.

Is this what will happen to critics if, heaven forbid, Obama wins ?

Oh, and the lawsuit continues but he won't show the docs, what's he (still) hiding?

Anonymous said...

Yak40 you're right - Joe's already been attacked for not being a real plumber. My sister in law is torn - vote for someone who would damage the family business to make history for their kids or vote for someone they agree with. And we all LOVE Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

She's very sexy and gets my vote.
freedom to prosper