Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Quaequam has had a design makeover.
2. The UKIP Blog has evidence that being in the EU shortens your life.
3. NHS Blog Doctor has returned to blogging. And not before time.
4. Justin Webb says McCain and Palin's body language towards each other is all wrong.
5. Tom Harris recommends ignoring Will Self. I agree.
6. Americano explains why McCain is losing.
7. Graeme Archer on the rejuvenation of Tower Hamlets Tories.
8. Tim Montgomerie on reasons for Tories to be cheerful.
9. Norfolk Blogger attacks the over 75s. He does have a point though.
10. Mark Pack on the impact of mobile phones on phone polling.
11. Neil Williams has more evidence of Labour photoshopping scams.
12. John Redwood reckons it's not all going to plan for Mr Darling.


labourparty said...

11. No photoshopping, just close cropping. Two different photos too.

Anonymous said...

norfolk blogger must be the best libdummy looniness comedy blog Ive seen - the bearded bespectacled sandle wearing lovies (and thats just the women) are under the impression that the BBC are biased in favour of the tories - well it made me laff.

He or she is a norwich city fan tho which explains a lot. (is delia a liberal?)

Anonymous said...

"11. No photoshopping, just close cropping. Two different photos too."

a) Close cropping with a purpose; to remove the Lib Dem from the photo.

b) Taken at almost exactly the same moment.

Chris Paul said...

It isn't particularly close cropping. It is a better picture. Framed nicely and in the case of such photos it's a case of "four's a crowd".

But good to see you understand the meaning of "evidence". "photoshopping" and "scam".

If you wish to see some really ridiculour photo cropping try and find some of the Lib Dem Ealing By-election pics and see cropping of a small area from a group shot to make turn a 20% bme crowd with party leaders into 80 or even 100%.

Now that's what I call misleading.