Friday, October 24, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Matthew Taylor on what should really worry the Tories.
2. Tory Bear on a Tory PPC who's being stalked.
3. Two more LibDems defect to the Tories say ConservativeHome. Oh, and there's another one too.
4. The Conservative History Blog just loves maps, and doesn't care who knows.
5. Blogging is dead. Long live blogging, says Matt Wardman.
6. Iceland Reviews reports an embarrassing conversation between Alistair Darling and the Icelandic Minister of Finance.
7. Robert Peston tries his best to find some good news from the disasters of today, but can't.
8. Lord Norton on being tried by one's peers.
9. Conor Ryan says it is time to revisit state funding of political parties.
10. Mike Smithson explains the LibDem widely varying poll ratings. As if we care.
11. Richard Spring MP on why the A11 needs to have its final stretch dualled. Hear hear.
12. Iain Martin says that Alan Greenspan is still advising Gordon Brown. How very reassuring.


Null said...

Totally of topic Iain, but is anyone surprised by Mr Mandelson being embroiled in controversy? How long before he goes again?

PhilC said...

Back on October 8 you commented on the possible closure of the left wing magazine Tribune. The Evening Standard suggested you might make a better fist of it (hmmmmmmmmm).
Anyhow see
and tell us: please God you're not the mysterious saviour of the spirtual home of George Orwell and Michael Foot?

Iain Dale said...

You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment.

Anonymous said...

Stop being horrible to Smithson !!

He can't be interesting ALL the time !!

Or are you just jealous of his traffic stats ? ;-)

Iain Dale said...

1. I was not being horrible to Mike. I was making a remark about the LibDems!

2. I don't think I need be jealous of anyone's stats! And so far as I know I have more absolute unique users than he does. He has far more page views though, as so many people sit there hitting refresh throughout the evening. I know. I've done it myself!

Anonymous said...

A quick note, Iain.

That article was the Thunderdragon, not me.

And Peter Black has the Senedd Event Videos:


Matt W

Anonymous said...

I was a cartographer for ages - hmm.. detected dig at all things map related. A good map saves lives.

Peston could find some good news in the resignation letter I've written for him!!

Word ver: Shiprel - meeting a chum on a yacht?