Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten New Blogs III

I've got about 70 new blogs to add to the Online Total Politics Blog Directory. Most of them are brand new, and a few have been around for some time. I'll be posting them here in batches of ten over the next few days.

1. Mudhook - Blog about Cornwall
2. Bo'Ness Labour
3. Touchstone - TUC blog
4. Arbitrary Constant - Left of centre blog
5. Matthew Doy - CF blog
6. J'Accuse - Maltese politics
7. St Aidan to Abbey Manor
8. Daily Quail - Satire of the Daily Mail
9. Emancipation & Liberation - Communist blog
10. Conor's blog - Labour blog


Anonymous said...

Iain, don't bother posting this.
I was a late comer to the "The thick of it" and bought the first series.
But, is there any plans for the BBC to publish the second series or the Christmas special?
Not even sure there was a second series?

Anonymous said...

Iain, I see Labour has been getting the webmaster at the Treasury to work late so people doubt Gordon said all those boom and bust quotes are real.

Anonymous said...

The second one doesn't allow comments on their blog posts? Although it IS a Labour Blog, so I shouldn't be surprised I suppose.

What's the point in a blog if open feedback is prohibited?

David Keen said...

I guess I'd better start blogging about politics then.....!

Anonymous said...

re blogs that don't allow comments - is that better or worse than those blogs that only allow sycophantic comments?

I've given up posting comments on SNP blogs because no matter how polite and pertinent my comment, if they don't like what I'm saying, my comments don't appear.

OTT support to the point of parody sometimes works, but I think that there is a danger that it reinforces the views of those who don't know you are joking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iain, Thanks for the add-on. Hope readers of your blog enjoy my perspective of Maltese politics (and the little bit of satire thrown in).

cheers once again
Jacques (J'accuse blog)

Adrian Mahoney said...

Re the comments on Bo'ness Labour - It's more of a news site than a blog in its strictest sense. However, we appreciate being listed by Iain.

The Bo'ness site clearly welcomes comments and provides an email address for any interaction. This is listed on every page.

However, we don't allow people to post unmodified comments to individual stories as this can give rise to a whole range of legal issues and problems. If the "anonymous" commentator here wants to raise this with us directly, we'd be happy to respond to him.

Bo'ness Branch of the Labour Party