Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Kerron Cross suggests a new role for Alan Duncan.
2. Donal Blaney praises Tim Montgomerie's Telegraph article which stands up for McCain.
3. Danny Finkelstein reveals his Top Ten Political Makeovers.
4. Jon Craig is in mischievous mood, suggesting a switch for Hague and a comeback for DD.
5. Betsan Powys reports on the Bevan Foundation Welsh blogging debate.
6. Sunny Hundal takes full credit for destroying Sarah Palin.
7. Andrew Mitchell on the Blue Blog looks back at his Rwandan trip.
8. Tom Harris goes into bat for Speaker Martin.
9. Tim Worstall on Austria's sexually ambiguous Nazi Party.
10. James Forsyth on the very odd behaviour of The Times.
11. Knowing me Iain Dale, Knowing you Norfolk Blogger. Aha.
12. Cranmer on abortion, darkness and devils. Happy boy. But I suppose he is dead, after all.


Archbishop Cranmer said...

His Grace may be dead, in the corporeal sense, but the spirit is eternal. Hallelujah!

Anyone who has suffered what he has endured ought to be excused the occasional 'black dog' day.

Anonymous said...

The fact that 'Sir' Alan Sugar is a chum of Mohammed al Pharoah says more than I ever could about which I don't watch the Apprentice..

Anonymous said...

Odd that Jon Craig's choice matches that of an unnamed Labour MP who briefed a journalist in the Three Line Whip crew?

Lets be honest, Labour wants rid of Osborne because its personal, damages the most dangerous strategist in the Tory party, and will be very damaging to the Tories if Labour gets the Shadow Chancellor's scalp in the middle of an economic crisis.

Oddly enough, those three points have not made it into the political lobby's live coverage over the last 24 hours.
Oh sure, they tell us that its about the judgement of Cameron and Osborne, but the they fail to mention the much more damaging judgement of the PM whose chose to bring back a man who was a house guest on that yacht rather than a brief guest for drinks.

Hmm, it neatly ties into the governments narrative while glossing over some pretty glaring hypocrisy. Not the media's finest hour, but then the last two weeks has seen them get it wrong with the public big time....
Will this latest media frenzy work, and will it finally change the narrative and give them a smug I told you so glow?

I look forward to the next set of polls with interest, as I do the media's reaction.

Alan Douglas said...

That Kerron Cross claims to be the Labout Iaian Dale but funnier.

I read several posts. If you find extensive ramblings about broken toilets funny, then yes, I agree.

If not ... well, I won't go back there.

You should sue him for misrepresentation.

Alan Douglas

Word verification : sicalit - what's that ? Socialist lite ?

Anonymous said...

Sexually ambiguous Nazi party? You know you're wasting time reading that!