Saturday, October 18, 2008

How You Vote

This is how you you intend to vote in a General Election. The figures in brackets represent the difference since 2005...

Conservative 70% (+11%)
LibDem 11% (-6%)
Labour 10% (-4%)
UKIP 2.4% (+0.3%)
SNP 2.8% (+0.9%)
BNP 1.4% (+0.6%)
Green 0.8% (+0.1%)
Others were all below 0.5%
Won't Vote 4.9% (-8.5%)

* 78% of you haven't changed your vote since 2005
* 4.5% have switched from Labour to Conservative
*4.5% have switched from LibDem to Conservative
*1.3% have switched from Conservative to UKIP
*1.4% have switchd from UKIP to Conservative

* 56% of you expect a Conservative majority of more than 50 seats
* 35% of you expect a Conservative majority of less than 50 seats
* 81% of you think Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the next election

* 41% of you are members of a political party


Anonymous said...

I am comforted by this poll.
70% of this blog's readership are Tories.
Therefore, 70% of the people who comment on this blog will be Tories
Tories talking to Tories - how good is that?!
You keep talking to yourselves guys - because as recent events have shown - no else in the UK is listening to you!
Cameron. The dog that didn't bark!

Anonymous said...

As this blog is clearly not party-biased, i'm going to assume that 70% of this blog's readership supporting the Tories means 70% of the electorate support the Tories.

Lovely stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a little bit of a leap of faith James lol....I found it slightly interesting that only 41% were members of a political party (would have expected more to be honest)...I guess it is kudos to you Iain for attracting people outside the immediate political loop...would be interested to know if there are any stats on how much that has changed from last year??

Anonymous said...

"October 18, 2008 4:56 PM , Anonymous"

Evening Derek.

Daily Referendum said...

Anon@ 4.56PM,

Better than Brown, the Dog that bit the hand that fed it and then shat on its own doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Who is derek?

Anonymous said...

Derek Asks who is Derek?

Anonymous said...

41% of us are in political parties - err... does that mean that you have every party member in the country reading this?

Oh and Dolly - the dog didn't bark because it was trusted by its owner - silver blaze dear boy, sliver blaze.

Anonymous said...

Labour seem to think that they're "out of the woods" and home and dry just because they think the electorate will be grateful for Brown saving the banking system(which is debatable in any event) but the sad truth is - they won't be.

The election will not be fought on that single issue. The Labour Party and Brown in particular has built up a massive resentment over the past decade; a significant proportion of the electorate detest Brown; a significant proportion are worse off under Labour; a large proportion will be out of work and blaming the sitting Government; some will have seen their homes re-possessed by a bank, Northern Rock, owned by the Government; after 11/12 years many will inevitbly be looking for change so the result of any election is far from certain.

Churchill led the country through the darkest days of WW2 to victory but the electorate voted him out of power to his and the world's amazement. Brown is NO Churchill and he is likely to find that the electorate will have no gratitude or loyalty to him just because he and his supporters in the media insist that he is the leading light in the global bank bail out which of course is arrant nonsense and hubris anyway.

Anonymous said...

To James Manning - great reply, thanks!
Shows you obviously can't interpret the poll results either!

It gets even better!

What happened the Tories in recent weeks? They are sleep walking to defeat again!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymong 8.08 - whoa there Shep - we didn't sleep walk to previous election defeats. How very rude.

If you knew how much work went into losing them magnificently then you should be ashamed of yourself.

Labour have been proved to sell out of date welks which have caused dysentry on the promenade.

Dude who asked who Derek is - he's a second rate spin doctor beloved of Mandleson - Derek Draper, often called Dolly - can't remember why but it's hearsay & conjecture of a rude variety. App he's established a 'rapid rebuttal unit' to counter us beastly bloggers who've yet to be inculcated into the Brown re-education gulags. Married to TV presenter Kate Garroway (many jokes abound there too - the funniest being a quote from Piers Moron - shamed ex editor of the Mirror, upon hearing of her betrothal to Dolly said, "If i'd have known she set the bar so low, i'd have had a go myself" - charming, what?)

Happy birthday to yer old man Iain, all the best.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.56pm your obviously on the wrong site. Or do you come here for some sensible conversation?

If you want to talk to your Labour friends your'll find them in glorious isolation with the barricades up at labourhome.

Run along now, and see if you can dream up yet more schemes to ruin people's lives!!

Anonymous said...

Summer - thanks for that. I have been really encouraged by the repsonse to my post at 4:56pm.

It confirms that the Tories are indeed - as I claimed - talking to themselves! :-)

The tide has turned on you guys.

Not even the Ashcroft millions can 'buy' you electoral victory now. The agenda, the tone, the needs of the nation have moved on from hugging huskies and WebCameron. Britain needs seriousness not gimmicks. You have basically missed your moment again.

Cameron is a dud. Obsorne is clueless. Labour is back on the road to yet another victory! :-)


Bring it on Gordon!

P.S. A little helpful suggestion to you all. Start planning for the next phase of Conservatism after Cameron resigns the day after the next election. You will need a unity candidate to avoid being split asunder. How about Francis Maude? Theresa May? I would start planning for the day now, if I were you - it will here sooner than you think.

I am really having fun! -)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.52. You are Gary Elsby and I don't want your giro.

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of fun, but if repeated at a general election this would leave just 1 Labour MP and 1 LD!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.56 - 8.08 pm is really typical of ZANu-Lab at the moment. FYI the public no longer listen to your spin doctors. Anyway, praying you lot call a snap GE in your current state of hubris. Results should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

41% of us are members of some party. In the country as a whole it must be between 1-2%. Actually what is being measured is not Iain's readers but those readers who take time out to give info which must be a very much smaller number.

Anonymous said...

Independent candidates should have been mentioned, as there's a chance to raise the profile of important issues; (every now and again the Kidderminster effect kicks in.)

I stood in the 2005 General Election with our Grade II Listed, Olympic-sized lido (Broomhill Pool) as the single issue. It was closed in 2002 without consultation and 16,000 people signed the petition in 2003 to save it.

Six weeks and a day before the election, Ipswich Borough Council suddenly pledged a million pounds towards the restoration, if the Broomhill Pool Trust could establish a robust future for the lido.

For various reasons the saga of trying to save Broomhill is still rolling in, but I don't think we would have got the million pound offer from the Council without the General Election effort.

Anonymous said...

English?, McLabour voter?.

At least KNOW what you are voting for!

Catosays said...

Anonymous said...

Summer - thanks for that. I have been really encouraged by the repsonse to my post at 4:56pm.

It confirms that the Tories are indeed - as I claimed - talking to themselves! :-)

No we're not...we're talking to piss off there's a good Dolly.