Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Burning our Money on those lying government debt stats.
2. EU Referendum on lifestyle journalism.
3. Matt Wardman on why Slugger penetrates further than Guido. Excuse me while I am sick.
4. The Mandate blog warns the Tories: Don't mess with Mandy.
5. Quaequam asks if George Osborne is Cameron's Mandy.
6. Mark Prisks explains his Save our Shops strategy.
7. Daniel Korski speculates on an Obama Cabinet.
8. Dan Hannan on Baroness Ashton's most important feature.
9. Gypsy Rose Finkelstein foretells the arrival of Ambassador Winfrey.
10. Jeremy Hunt writes in praise of free votes.
11. Baroness D'Souza on why the Lords want a debate on the economic crisis.
12. J Arthur MacNumpty on a hung Parliament.


Anonymous said...

Whose this Iain:

I huh completely huuu back Mr Osboune, he huuuhhh is an excellent hhhhhuuurrr shadow herrrr chancellor. And in errrr time willlll make a excerrrllent chancellohhhuurrr cough cough cough…

off for a Marly light no doubt

Anonymous said...

Im off to bed now. Gideon will resign by the weekend…just get over it, its gonna happen.

He tried to dig the dirt on Mandy, and ended up shooting himself in the foot. Typical supremely confident Eton moron who thinks the world cant touch him, always daddy to fall back on.

He has lost a friend because he betrayed his trust, he cannot be a chancellor because he is well known for briefing against others. The man is a fool, and if he had a proper job he would be found out very quickly

He optimises the new young Tory brethren, cocky, vindictive and just plain nasty masked by a nice accent and grammar that would impress Americans.

In the past few weeks he has proven to be a disaster as a shadow chancellor, opinion polls have clouded Camerons judgement.

Finally Cameron and every single Tory front bencher have gone to ground…enough said. It isn’t gonna go away, its gonna get worse, and to try and counter attack shows very poor judgement.. Seems the strategy is to try and take Mandy down with him…That’s not a strategy… that’s just being belligerent

Fitaloon said...

Recession is apparently upon us or so the Governor of The Bank of England whispered in a speech to the CBI last night, hardly reported by the MSM yesterday. Mr King had this to say
Why has the outlook deteriorated so quickly? The banking crisis dealt a severe blow to the availability of credit. Growth in secured lending to households fell to an annualised rate of 1.9% in the three months to August, its lowest level in more than a decade. The Bank of England’s survey of credit conditions suggests that the terms on which banks provide credit to companies have tightened even further. And, on some estimates, the supply of finance to the UK corporate sector has ground to a halt. This credit shock has come on top of a fall in real disposable incomes resulting from the rise in energy and food prices earlier in the year. So, taken together, the combination of a squeeze on real take home pay and a decline in the availability of credit poses the risk of a sharp and prolonged slowdown in domestic demand. Indeed, it now seems likely that the UK economy is entering a recession.
So what are the media concentrating on instead, the story that George Osborne might have discussed a donation to the Tory Coffers of £50,000 pounds from a possibly illegal donor. Not a donation but a possibility of a donation that was refused. Even the main protagonist Nat Rothschild needed 3 attempts to get his "idea" of the facts correct.

Here we are in the middle of a crisis that has seen banks collapse, the apparent almost collapse of the banking system in Britain and on a day we learn that we are officially in Recession and the media are frothing at a Mandelson spin story.

As Hezza said in an interview on Radio 4 interview for the PM programme
Extraordinary, bizzare, have we all gone mad

How better can I express it.

Market jitters continue as bank chief uses the 'R' word - Scotsman.com News

Anonymous said...

"Just been commissioned by GQ to do another profile of a leading politician."

Iain, It is only a matter of time before Simon Pegg and the producers of 'How to lose friends..' option the rights to your life story for a screenplay and big-budget Hollywood 'movie' [as they seem to insist on calling them these days]

Matt Wardman said...

>Excuse me while I am sick.