Monday, January 14, 2008

New Blog Launches Today

Sam Coates of ConservativeHome fame is today launching a new blog within the ConHome family called Its model is the National Review Corner Blog, so it will be a blog written by a group of about twenty people on the centre right including Alan Mendoza, Stephan Shakespeare, Liam Fox, David Lidington, Jill Kirby, Conor Burns and Nile Gardiner. Interestingly, the previously a-politicial Dr Crippen, whose NHS Blog Doctor blog sprang back to life last week, has come out of the closet as a Tory and will also be a contributor.

I guess's first challenge will be to get a 'personality', something with the Spectator's Coffee House blog did with surprising ease. Like The Corner, it seems as if it won't be taking comments so it won't need lots of moderation. Group blogs are always challenging to get right, but I wish Sam all the best with this initiative. I'm sure I'll be linking to its posts regularly in my Daley Dozen.


Anonymous said...

No comments; who will bother? You're going to get the opinions of the writers who write elsewhere.

So the MSM will serve for most people, unless they can get Mark Steyn or even someone of 20% of his genius. I am guessing,from reading the names, not.

For blogs, people want to engage.

Even St Mark of Steyn allows comments on his own site.

Prediction. Fold. Within two months.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll stick with the great new blog instead. Plenty of personality there. :)

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Interestingly, the previously a-politicial Dr Crippen, whose NHS Blog Doctor blog sprang back to life last week, has come out of the closet as a Tory..."

Crippen apolitical? A Tory? Hardly, Iain.

The good doctor simply assesses, without tribal ties, which party might be best; think of him as a floating voter.

On the few occasions that he has mentioned his personal politics, he has admitted that he voted for Tony Blair in 1997; for sure, it was usually in the context of apologising for that decision, but there you go...


Anonymous said...

"Centre" right.


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

I think you should add the proviso "... is a Tory this time round" for Dr. Crippen. From memory, he voted for Labour first time round, so I suspect he hasn't firmly nailed his colours to the mast.

Anonymous said...

Their posts are a bit short!?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pile of crap to me: why are MP's wasting their time with it? And who are most of these "big name Tories"?? And where's Dale?

SamuelCoates said...

Verity - You'll find Steyn blogs on the Corner, which doesn't have comments.

Devil, yep he's decided to wear the blue rosette.

Anonymous said...

crap blog. Needs its own design, just looks like a crappier version of conservativehome right now.

Anonymous said...

Cannot comment , waste of time

Anonymous said...


I'm not a paid up member of any political party and, as the DK points out from the limitless resources of his elephantine memory,I did indeed vote Labour in 1997. I did so because I genuinely believed at that time that Tony Blair would improve health and education. And the first post I did on a political blog was on Labour Home.

Now we have got to the stage that the current administration is destroying professional autonomy. Not just in medicine. Look at the teachers, and the Education and Skills Bill.

Successive Labour governments have destroyed out education system, and are currently destroying the NHS. Vincent Cable was wrong. They are still Stalinist.

I do not wish to be melodramatic, but I now believe that this government represents the greatest threat to privacy and personal liberty of any political administration in my lifetime.

I have written for Centre Right because I was asked to and, yes, because I believe that for the first time in ten years there is a real possibility of defeating this Stalinist government, and that defeat can only be achieved by supporting the Conservatives.

Gordon Brown has stealthily raided my wallet, now he is after my body, and today he it seems he is proposing to legislate to remove our teachers' freedom to advise my children on their education.

Enough is enough!


Anonymous said...

Samuel Coates - Yes, thanks for your kindly direction: "I think you'll find he blogs on The Corner".

I did find that,actually! Around two years ago! But thanks anyway.

Steyn also writes for to the National Review, which the colonies inform us is quite well-known, as a quiver in his bow, but also he accommodates comments on his own site. He also writes for the NY Sun and various other publications worldwide, all of which have comments.

This new blog is quite flat.