Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Donal Blaney hopes John Mann MP has got it coming.
2. Toby Harnden reveals how Barack Obama dissed Hillary. Or didn't.
3. Tim Montgomerie says good night to Rudy Giuliani. Good night Jim Bob.
4. Guido reckons the sleaze ball has been batted back to Gordon Brown.
5. Adam Boulton on Derek Conway's travails.
6. At least Mr Eugenides thinks I have a point, and issues a challenge.
7. What on earth does Danny Finkelstein mean by THIS?
8. Cassilis is on my case. He can join the queue.
9. Rupert Read applauds good manners in the blogosphere.
10. Hopi Sen reflects on David Cameron's motivations.
11. LibDems want to save close phone boxes shocker. via Norfolk Blogger.
12. Hey, guess what, the worst run Council in England is a LibDem one!


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Great, but I absolutely refuse to wear a Tie.

Of course, if you stealth edit the subject line, this will look a bit odd.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand why you haven't posted on Conway, and it's quite honourable. You may disagree with what he is done, but as a personal friend, a public condemnation is not necessarily the done thing. Further, you don't abandon friends even when they have done something wrong.

Don't worry Iain, not everyone lacks your sense of honour.

Anonymous said...

Are . you . mad?

This is the worst mast I have ever seen in my life. For one thing, it's too wide. For another, it has that same old, same old unflattering photo of you and a bunch of generic "Westminster" garbage - pics of newspaper mastheads, duh, that any child could have done.

For another thing, it looks like the website of a bank promoting "diversity" and "human skills".

Dear God, I cannot believe it! I hope it's a joke! This will chase readers away because it truly does look like a poorly designed corporate website.

Please tell us this is not serious. The mountain laboured and brought forth a knackered old flea.

I'm still wondering whether I inadvertently tuned into a parallel universe. Am I on the right page?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot stand this! Please go back to the former banner that, while boring, not only fits on the screen, but says something of your personality and character. And isn't completely devoid of personality or character.

This is the most horrible, weakest banner in the history of mankind. Powder blue squares! OMG!

Anonymous said...

Your partisanship is letting you down. The Audit Commission has found that the best run council in England is a LibDem one, and there are mitigating circumstances in Liverpool.

A few years of Dave Snooty and his pals will remind people that the Tories talk about financial restraint, personal responsibility, lower taxes, but don't actually deliver such boons. One thinks of Thatcher's extensive public spending, on such things as welfare...

Iain Dale said...

Asquith, how can "my partisanship be letting me down" when I was quoting a fact and actually linked to LibDem Voice which tries to refute the point!

Astonishingly partisan from yoU!

Anonymous said...

Because I consider that, while Liverpool may well be "the worst run council" by those measures, that fact is quoted out of context and there are mitigating circumstances. It can't be used against the LibDems, tho' some wish it could :)

Anonymous said...

Honour! what sense of honour, the difference between, the Labour wrongdoers is the money was private and went to the party.

Conway is a thief who stole the taxpayers money, much of which was squandered in the cesspits of London, by his son.

Alan Douglas said...

Iaian, while I respect your decision to not talk about a friend, I will join that queue behind Casilis and suggest that you could quite easily talk about the general principles involved ?

Labour is famous for supporting even the most outrageous crimes by its own, please do not even "seem" to be doing the same.

Sometimes tough friendship is best.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Best financially managed council in the country is Cambridge… run by the Lib Dems - put that in your headlines Iain!

Anonymous said...

I steadily moving to a point where I can't stand Tim Montgomerie. He was on Newsnight last night like the spokesmen for all Tory members. He certainly doesn't reflect my opinions as a Conservative member.

His puff piece article about Rudy Giuliani is the exact opposite to my view. The only thing I can support Rudy for is his pro-choice stance. The claim for cutting crime in New York is highly dubious considering the same trend was seen in LA, Newark (NJ) and nationally. He also had nothing to do with 7000 extra federal funded police officers or the changing demographic.


He made bad decisions about FDNY and NYPD radio equipment which was a key factor in the high number of deaths on 9/11. He also made a bad decision to put the emergency response centre in the WTC. He made a bad decision not to warn and protect New Yorkers from the hazardous dust that shrouded NY after 9/11. He also irresponsibly cut taxes when NY required extra investment to meet the post 9/11 situation and left NY with a $4.8bn deficit up from $2.3bn when he entered office.

Anonymous said...

What is verity talking about ??

Did I miss something ??

Anonymous said...

The Labour dodgy donor scandal is about personal gain. They used the money to pay their debts. They are susceptible to corruption because of their financial situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the Liberals want to close phone boxes - they'll have nowhere to hold their conferences!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown in deplorable form at PMQ's , crestfallen, clueless and , it seemed, rather out of it.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable PMQ's, Brown's worst so far?

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

The best financially run council in England, Cambridge, happens to be Lib Dem as well. Enjoy your mediocrity!