Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why the Police Deserve a Pay Rise

From an audience member on Question Time...

"The Police probably do deserve a pay rise if only for all the work they're
doing investigating the government."

Rather sums it up.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Iain, The police were given their pay rise by independent arbitration.

Brown told Smith it had to be reduced. If nothing else this just shows how inept Brown is. I hope they throw the book at Hain

David Boothroyd said...

I didn't know Mike Giggler was in the Question Time audience.

Chris Paul said...

The Electoral Commission should be given teeth to stop this ridiculous sort of disproportionality. Hain is a chump but it hardly needs the Met to get the facts. In fact HMCR do better on this sort of stuff.

The difference between the offer and the review body is £200 a head. It is hard to see what the game is here in with-holding it.

But our police are extraordinarily well paid compared to 10 years ago and compared to other nations.

And if police grant is cash limited the decision to reverse this decision would lead to some reduction in numbers.

I'd pay them.

Anonymous said...

The war pensions have just got 3.9%, thoought they have had F22L SINCE A WH!LE AGO?

Paul Linford said...

Surely it's the other way around, ie they've not been given the pay rise because they spend so much time investigating the government.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

About the only bloody reason they do deserve a pay rise...

... Perhaps at the same time, we should be seeking pay decreases for the CPS, too.

Anonymous said...

They'll deserve double if they bring charges.

Anonymous said...

Jailhouse, did you LOL as you planted your axe in that old lady's skull?

You are the last person on Earth with an entitlement to LOL. You have nothing to laugh about.

National Benefits Fraud Hotline:

0800 854 440.

Borges said...

When are you gonna get on Any Questions, Mr. Dale?

Anonymous said...

The QT audience regularly shows what the majority of people in this country now think - that New Labour are a bunch of incompetent crooks with no ability to solve this country's problems (most of which the government has itself either exacerbated or created).

Whenever you watch the programme now you can almost feel the audience itching to get to a ballot box. How things have changed from a year ago when they were still prepared to give New Labour the benefit of the doubt. But not any more - the Glorious Project is finished. All that's left for the likes of Chris Paul and David Boothroyd is to chose the wood they want their political coffins made out of.

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul speaks with a voice of great authority on things he knows little about.
No way does he speak in cliche`s.

Giving Teeth to Disproportionality. What?
Compared to... compared to....What?
The decision to reverse this decision.....What?

This man has aspirations of high office. He is best friends with Hazel Blears. Good recommendation!

Spinning Top

Anonymous said...

Why do we think the police deserve a pay rise? When was the last time you saw one doing something useful? Would they come to your house if it was burgled? Probably not. They can't be bothered to catch criminals too busy sitting in their warn cars giving speeding fines.

Police are lazy and useless. Their 'sickness' is very high as they have to keep the overtime right.

Any time I have had direct dealings the police to investigate crimes they have failed. I can think about 12 occasions when I have been a victim of crime in the past 10 years - I know of just one caution given out.

The police are failing the citizens. They are ineffective, ineffectual, too politically correct and inept. Too concerned for the "rights" of the crimnal to worry about the victim. Too quick to make criminals out of victims. Need "evidence" to convict criminals but need mere opinions to smear victims.

Alex said...

@chris paul:

I expect Johnathan Aitken said the same thing about his hotel bill at the Paris Ritz, but that wasn't enough for the Grauniad.

Hain voted for the law. He can suffer the consequences.