Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Interview Resource Launched

Check THIS site out. It's called Access Interviews and aims to archive every interview since 1859. Quite an undertaking. It's the brainchild of celebrity interviewer Rob McGibbon, who is also adding video content on the site as well as articles on the art if interviewing. The politics pages are a bit sparse at the moment but are being added to every week. Users can submit interviews themselves too. What a great resource!


Chris Paul said...

Helped the boy McGibbon on his Simply Red biography a few years ago. Will dust off a few of my interviews from the 80s. Not generally politics though.

Paul Linford said...

Very interesting digital publishing idea, would be interested to know what the copyright issues are though.

Anonymous said...

In theory it's good, in practice I don't like it much. The "interviews" that I clicked on were just links to the newspaper articles from which they came. And of course said newspaper articles are always hacked around by the journalist, with bits considered to be not very interesting omitted, and they invariably have some prose between the "quotes" that emphasises the spin the particular newspaper or journalist wants to make. And some journalists like to take things out of context, just to further their own career.

It's a great idea and I hope that it improves considerably over time. A true resource would be the full unedited versions of the interviews.