Saturday, January 19, 2008

Giuliani Needs Huckabee to Win Tonight

Today's Republican Primary is possibly the most important yet. If John McCain wins it will give him a huge boost for Super Tuesday, but if he doesn't the pundits will interpret it as his campaign stalling. A Mike Huckabee victory would mean him having to be taken seriously by everyone, including the likes of me. And we shouldn't rule it out. There is a big religious vote in South Carolina, which he is best equipped to tap. But perhaps the biggest consequence of a Huckabee victory over McCain would be the size of the smile on Rudy Giuliani's face. He has his first big test next week in Florida. If McCain is derailed in South Caroline, Giuliani will feel that he has Florida in the bag. However, Giuliani's campaign so far has been shambolic, and been a huge disappointment to his supporters (of whom I am one). He needs to win in Florida and win big, if he is to do what he needs to on February 5th.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney has just won the Nevada Caucuses.


Anonymous said...

"South Caroline": you'll be saying "Missoura" next.

David Anthony said...

The BBC's coverage of the Primaries has been so biased towards the Democrats it's almost untrue.

Not only was Romney's win in Michigan completely ignored (because the Democrat race there was a no contest), their coverage of today's primaries is headlined simply by this ...

"Key vote for Nevada's Democrats"

...says it all really.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani is not going anywhere. His lack of Christian beliefs, pro abortion etc rule him out.
Only a New York where anything goes and gives 24 hours will support an Anarchy Candidate!

Anonymous said...

The truth is that most people are not remotely interested in the Republicans. It's all about the Democrats - and quite right too.

The next President of the USA will be a Democrat - that is perfectly clear.

The Republican candidates are feeble - and a couple of them are real weirdos...

Ross said...

"The next President of the USA will be a Democrat - that is perfectly clear."

This is the kind of insular ignorance that is caused by the BBC's coverage of two parties. It is pretty obvious looking at the polls that there will be another very tight race that could go either in November.

Anonymous said...

UKIP's fave Ron Paul came second!

Anonymous said...

Romney wins in Nevada, is currently the front-runner in terms of delegates, and the front page of the BBC says:

"Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain are celebrating wins in presidential contests in the US states of Nevada and South Carolina."

Anonymous said...

ross, you're out of touch with reality. :)

The Republicans will never win the next election in November.

Which Republican candidate can possibly win against Clinton or Obama (perhaps both as P and VP)?

The Republicans have destroyed the USA and they will be punished in November.

Anonymous said...

And the update is: John McCain won.

But it will probably be a Democrat who wins because all the Republicans are ignoring/opposed to one or more causes that the Republican core vote wants.

In the meantime Al-beeb interviews Robert Redford this morning about his film festival - naturally it slips in a question about whether the Democrats can win, 'yes' says Bob, no bias there then.

Anonymous said...

according to the wunnerful Sandi Toksvig writing her column in the Sunday Telegraph "seven" liftout today we are precisely 1 year away from the inauguration of the 44th US President. I wonder what these next 12 months are going to bring? One hen honcha and lots of rooster feather dusters I am guessing.

Anonymous said...

...small footnote Iain, your favourite Republican candidate Guiliani has been consistently and comprehensively beaten by Ron Paul the so-called "fringe" candidate in virtually all the primaries so far:

Iowa Guiliani 3

Ron Paul 10

New Hampshire Guiliani 9

Ron Paul 8

Wyoming Guiliani 0

Ron Paul 0

Michigan Guiliani 3

Ron Paul 6

South Carolina Guiliani 2

Ron Paul 4

Nevada Guiliani 4

Ron Paul 14

I presume that the only reason you support Guiliani is because he wants to legalise gay marriage? Or is it his views on identity cards, the Patriot act and international wars of aggression that you prefer??

Anonymous said...

A few more things you might find interesting to know about Guiliani: