Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heffer Confronted: The 'A' List

Latest edition is HERE - a bit of to-ing and fro-ing on the 'A' List. Watch the whole of RIGHT ON, with Andrew Pierce & Ann Widdecombe HERE.


Anonymous said...


I don't suppose you got David Bailey to take this photo for you, did you?

It's just that the pose reminds me of one he took a while back, of two less notorious gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

With respect.

"How many chins does it take to make a television programme?"


"Not so much talking heads as talking chins."

No offence!

John M Ward said...

I like this programme, and am pleased the sound on "Whispers" has now been sorted out.

Some interesting stuff in "Whispers" as well: Prescott's son standing in place of his Dad, Clegg's view on PMQs -- what more could you want?

I agree with Heffer and Widdecombe, though, on the "A list" business: I have never agreed with that artificial and slanted system, and I never will.

Anonymous said...

No offence but the colouring of you and simon isn't very flattering on that picture- you look like a couple of extras from the 1970s version of dawn of the dead!

Rachel Joyce said...

See my blog on the A lister here:

Anonymous said...

Sorry Iain but these are so boring to watch. Makes me appreciate TV professionals. Stick to your writing.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Heffer Confronted is that so often he doesn't really need confronting, because he's actually got a point. And sometimes, you're straining to even disagree with him because your views are so close to his!