Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. The Taxpayers' Alliance slates council charges which it reckons are taxes.
2. Ken Livingstone is a flawed political genius according to Paul Linford.
3. Tory Radio has a great quote from a Labour MP on Nick Clegg.
4. Tim Worstall implores the blogosphere to come to the aid of a British blogger in need.
5. Rupert Read says fossil fuel industries must pay to deal with theor waste.
6. Robert Winnett on how Brown misled us on duty free allowances. Not once but twice.
7. Peter Diapre on Boulton & Co on why Harriet Harman isn't a fan of James Purnell.
8. Shane Greer notices that Nick Clegg appears to have adopted the Patients Passport.
9. Red Box thinks Jacqui Smith might be displeased with the impossibly pompous Keith Vaz.
10. Stephen Tall on voting fraud. Hmmm, we might return to this tomorrow, Mr Tall.
11. Donal Blaney wants to ditch Michael Martin. Don't we all.
12.Mike Rouse wants to ban Facebook requests. Hear, hear!


fairdealphil said...

Yes, Paul Linford says Ken Livingstone is a flawed genius, but a little context might be helpful...

Paul says this:

'Ken is a flawed character, to be sure. But without wanting to get all preachy about it, we all are...'

and this:

'I voted for Ken at the first two Mayoral elections and in view of what he has achieved for the capital, I don't regret having done so.'

janestheone said...

UK voting fraud - yes we should return to this, but I mentioned it first, yesterday morning

Anonymous said...

I think the TPA has shot themselves in the foot here.

Firstly the TPA gets a lot of its funding from the Midland Industrial Council ( MIC ). The MIC is a cabal of Tory supporters who make regular donations to the Tories.

Secondly, the Tories are the largest party in local government, even running the largest municipal council in England – Birmingham.

Finally, your link to the TPA, gives an example of bad council sending at South Cambridge Council. This is also a Tory run council, and in fact doesn’t have a single Labour councillor.

The TPA biting the hand that feeds them, because they hope you don’t know who actually feeds them.