Monday, January 28, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Nick Robinson is sceptical of yet another government welfare reform announcement. As well he might be.
2. Westmonster asks if you'd like fries with that degree, Sir?
3. LibDem Voice names its first Dirty Dozen Labour & Tory bloggers & has a London Mayoral Update.
4. Cyclists? Don't get Mike Rouse started...
5. Norfolk Blogger has been out on the p*** and is feeling worse for wear.
6. Con Coughlin on why Obama is the idealists' candidate.
7. Shane Greer doesn't want to make race and issue.
8. Greg Hurst on Red Box reckons Paddy Ashdown may be getting a new job.
9. Our Kingdom speculates on a new devolution ministry.
10. Donal Blaney asks is it becoz the Chief Constable of Kent is black? (Said in the style of Ali G)
11. Danny Finkelstein asks how accountable are our politicians?
12. Cassilis on the wisdom of Samuel Marchbanks.


James said...

Please forgive the naked plug, but readers might be interested in:

Why are there no books for conservatives?


English Neo-cons

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you have not commented on the brainstorming session. Does it reopen a debate or reopen old wounds?