Monday, January 21, 2008

Has Jacqui Smith Fallen on Hard Times? :)

From Melanie Phillips' blog over on the Speccie, comments retired cop Frank Pulley:

"Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, has admitted she would feel unsafe walking the streets of London late at night." Jeez! Isn't she earning enough as home secretary?

hat tip to: Verity


Anonymous said...

A tawdry joke - it makes one want to weep for Britain.

Anonymous said...

nice, and maybe a bit to subtle for some of your readers.....

Not a sheep said...

I definitely wouldn't and I doubt that you'd be that interested...

Anonymous said...

The only risk Jacqui Smith would face if 'street-walking' would be lack of income.

Anonymous said...

While on a grander stage Broon has been whoring himself to those great democrats the Chines Student Murderers. Not so much Tianenmen (Heavenly Peace) more a heven Sent Piece of the Action. Very definitely a Coward afraid of Democracy.

Moral compass = more cash

Anonymous said...

whenever I try to log on to the Speccie site, I get chucked off by an 'add-on' problem. Anyone else found this?

Anonymous said...

She also went on to say that fortunately she doesn't have to walk unsafe streets.

Unlike the rest of us.

Click here for the always excellent "Burning Our Money" blog for a bit more on it, and youth "justice" in our country.

Anonymous said...

With Jacqui's cleavage, lets be honest she'd make a few quid, Melanie? naaaah!

Anonymous said...

If you are resorting to putting Verity's vile vituperative bile on the top of your website your concern for the IDD 'brand' has fallen on pretty hard times itself...

Anonymous said...

How tasteless. This is beneath you, Iain.

Newmania said...

Quiet today Mr. dale I hope your health is not the reason. I was wondering what your chum D davies was up to cooperating on the 42 days limit

Anonymous said...

Sky, it is claimed on Guido, has reported the old Kebab Shop incident, was a fabrication and didnt happen.

Donor Kebab-gate anyone???

Anonymous said...

Melanie P - A cheap and tawdry joke about a cheap and tawdry government whose prime currency is lies and the wholesale destruction of our formerly cohesive society.

Iain Dale said...

anonymous at 4.33. The smile in the headline gave the hint. It appeals to my sense of humour. Perhaps you should acquire one.

Anonymous said...

One wonders if this tasteless remark is by the same Frank Pulley as referred to here?

Sounds like a very nice man.

William Gruff said...

For a fleeting moment I gleefully expected to read '... on her sword'.

Another day perhaps.

Anonymous said...

The lefty trolls are out capering and howling on behalf of the intellectually and morally inadequate Home Secretary, I see.

Anonymous said...

Iain / Verity:

Things can't be so bad when the worst insult you get is from "Anonymous 3.57 pm" who uses the alliterative:

...If you are resorting to putting Verity's vile vituperative...

AloneMan said...

I know the motive behind this post is essentially humouress but actually, behind it, lies a deepy depressing depressing reflection on this nation today.

The point is that even the Home Secretary (albeit in a moment of honesty for which she should be applauded) does not see the point in hiding the facgt that crime in our captial (and in many other towns and cities( is out of control.

I don't specfically blame New Labour for this. I blame successive governments for failing to get a grip on the issues and for tihnking that simly passing more legislation would do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Streets Of London

Have you seen the feral gangs
prowl the inner city
Kicking their victims
With their worn out shoes?
In their eyes, new labour lies
Of violence decriminalised
Of victims who are merely yesterday's news

How can you tell me we're safe,
Ms Smith?
When you're too scared
To walk the streets at night
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
I'll show you something to make you change your mind

Have you seen the minister
Woosh by in her armoured car
Cocooned by bodyguards
From new labour's failure?
In her cold eyes there's not a clue
Of reality for me and you
Of life outside the priviledges of the palace of Westminster

How can you tell me we're safe,
Ms Smith?
When you're too scared
To walk the streets at night
Let go of your body guards' hands and walk through the streets of London
That'll show you something to make you change your mind

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Lakelander, I can't imagine why he left out 'venomous' and 'vexacious', but perhaps wanted to sound measured.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Flo' - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Nice joke, Verity. Anyone who takes the Piss out of Junqui Smith has my vote.

I expect she'll come up with a tart reply.

Clothilde Simon