Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Kevin Maguire indulges in a bit of arselicking to Gordie. Again. And his colleague James Lyons is five days late with THIS Lembit Opik story. You read it here 5 days ago.
2. Ellee Seymour blogs on compensation for MRSA victims. Or lack of it.
3. Tim Worstall on the Business Blog suggests that the BBC has found the best way of bribing politicians.
4. The Taxpayers' Alliance reckons that Peter Hain's SpAds should get the chop too.
5. Malcolm Savage on Open House argues for nuclear alternatives.
6. Labour Home has 10 Ways to Improve the UK. Not sure about number 2...
7. The Greens used to love Biofuels. Now they don't Rupert Read explains...
8. Guy Ruddle talks about the new political programme, RIGHT ON, on Telegraph TV, starring...well... modesty forbids...
9. Danny Finkelstein's Top Ten Reasons Barack Obama should pick Al Gore as his running mate.
10. Dave Hill on gay-friendly police.
11. Richard Spring MP on fish and kettles.
12. Fraser Nelson reviews PMQs.


Ralph Hancock said...

Even less sure about LabourHome's number 7:

'Where someone with music or sorting skills have [sic] been sentenced to community service for driving offences or other non-violent crimes, their punishment should involve working for youth and community groups.'

So he is supposed to play the trumpet to the youths until they turn nasty, and then sort them properly?

M. Hristov said...

I have just caught “Heffer Confronted”. It starts with a fantastic title sequence, which shows Iain and S. Heffer looking like two sumo wrestlers “squaring up” to each other in front of Big Ben.

Iain then decided to defend professional politicians. Next week I understand that he is to defend the late Pol Pot.

Luckily, for Iain, S. Heffer totally “blew it” by “going over the top”. Describing the Conservative Party as neo-socialists and saying that politicians couldn’t get a job “ playing the piano in a brothel”. A. Widdecombe was very unimpressed. I can’t imagine her applying for any job in a brothel (the thought is just too painful).

S. Heffer obviously believes he lives in “the real world” and that politicians do not. I have news for him. “The real world” is not a place where you can write whatever you like in a newspaper column without fear of retribution, because the very politicians you deride are too scared of your influence. “The real world” is heavily regulated, not policed by your own kind, who always let you off. “The real world” is not “The Garrick Club”, where, judging by your tie, you often “hang out”. When you have been in “the real world” perhaps you will be qualified to comment on it.

Never mind “Alas Smith and Jones”. S. Heffer increasingly resembles General Melchett in “Blackadder Goes Forth”.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like "4 - Ensure miscreant celebrities feel the full force of the law".

Not that politicians really count as celebrities, except in their own view of course.

Lets start with Hain, Harman, Alexander.

Newmania said...

I can`t work out how to coment on Labour Home and I am desirous of letting Mr. Hannon know what i think of his comment that Pubs should stop kmoaning about the smoking ban killing their business

Why should they , it is . Labour have earned the undying hatred of evryone for killing the Local Pub.

Can you comment ,I can`t work it out ?