Thursday, January 31, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron to Honour Lady Thatcher

Relations between Camp Cameron and Lady Thatcher's office have not always been warm. Among Lady T's friends there has been a suspicion that David Cameron's circle have not treated her with the respect she deserves. After her visit to Number Ten things have improved somewhat.

A further sign in the thawing of relations will come tonight when David Cameron will be presenting Lady Thatcher with a Lifetime Achievement Award 'in recognition of Baroness Thatcher's lifetime contribution to public service and international affairs'. The occasion is the Morgan Stanley Great Britons Awards at London's Guildhall.

Sounds like a fascinating evening.


Anonymous said...

Will Tony Blair be there I wonder ??

strapworld said...

About time too!

For to long conservatives have been embarrassed by Baroness Thatcher. Much to do with the back stabbing bastards who removed a three times elected (note that Brown ELECTED) Prime Minister.

She did much to make this country GREAT again. Although the last ten or so years have seen a rapid decline back to the Callaghan days.

She made mistakes - but she is only human. But she was a beacon of democracy in the world and we all owe her a great debt of gratitude.

Cameron could do us all a favour by removing the whip from those who plotted against her and created the mess the Tories have been in these past ten years.

She had vision. She had purpose. She was, indeed, the Greatest Peacetime Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you're making this an exclusive by breaking an embargo!

Mulligan said...


Indeed. She had to make some very unpopular decisions to sort out the mess Labour left our country in by 1979 (most of those who continue to hate her fail to acknowledge just how badly Callaghan had screwed us up), whether the next non-Labour administration is led by anyone with the balls needed to sort out a similar mess remains to be seen (even if the EU will leave him/her enough powers to do such a necessary job).

Anonymous said...

Wells HE needs to do something to make himself look good. SHE doesn't need it, we all know what she achieved, (against the best intentions of her own party at times) so do the Americans AND the rest of the world. She must despair at times.

The spitting Image sketch summed it up best

'....and the vegetables? Don't worry about them they can order for themselves'!

Anonymous said...

Mrs T was a bloody good bloke. Don't ever forget that.

Old BE said...

Can we clone Mrs T and have her in charge again?

Anonymous said...

If Hitler had had the sense to die or be killed anytime before 1938, he would now unquestionably be regarded as the greatest German [well, Austrian, of course] in history. Almost single-handely, and by forse of will, he resurrected a wrecked nation. Then he went mad.

So Mrs. Thatcher [I refuse to call her Baroness] hung on too long. I was asked by a Swiss client after the 1987 election if she would stay. I recall vividly saying, "If she is sensible, and wants to secure he place in history, she will retire in triumph when she has done 10 years straight, in 1989."

After the 1987 election she did go mad, utterly convinced of her perfection and invincibility. Just about on the 10-year mark it all started to go wrong. The insanity of the Poll Tax. Privatisations devoid of logic or sensitivity. Undermining of her colleagues. Insane policies, and bullying of other leaders, on Europe. Briefing disgracefully against Major, her chosen successor, making his premiership almost impossible.

She could have been truly great. As it is, when the objective histories are eventually written, I'm sure she will be remembered as an intransigent old bat who failed to recognise and promote talent and refused to accept that it was time to go gracefully.

For eight years she was indeed supreme, but she really should have stepped aside, in glory, in 1989.

Andy said...

Are you a CCHQ mouthpiece then, constantly fed press releases to blog on?

maria said...

Don't think she'd have lasted if Reagan hadn't got in in America in 1980. She'd have won 1982, via the Falklands Factor, but she'd have been out soon after.

No matter how much of a Little Scotlander/Walesian/Britisher/ we might be, the States powered the whole 1980s boom thing. And Thatcher rode the coat tails.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Mrs T was the best PM we have had in recent times. She spoke the truth and never any lies or spin. If you compare Blair or Brown to her they are not fit to clean her shoes

Anonymous said...

I quite like Thatcher myself actually, tho' I'm not likely to make any friends by saying so!

I don't believe the headbanging wing of the Tory Party have got any right to claim her legacy, as she was always pragmatic and sceptical (conservative) rather than ideologically driven in office. One thinks of Louise Bagshawe's statement of why she is both a Cameroon and a Thatcherite, and one leads to the other.

Not that I'd ever have anything to do with the Tory Party ("Balfour" hasn't really got the same ring as my current username), but still.

Curly said...

Cameron needs to learn how radical and bold Margaret Thatcher was, he probably needs no other lessons on how she put her mark on history, least of all from me.

Anonymous said...

Cambos left it FAR too late to be convincing. What's this about the poll tax? Bloody good idea- a flat cheap rate for everybody. Meant to keep council spending in check. Which the Council tax does not. Which is unfair to the householder. I laugh at the people who moaned about the poll tax and have the nerve to moan about the council tax!

Anonymous said...

Why does DC want to remind everyone of why they shouldn't vote Tory?

Also, will there be criminal charges brought against Conway?

Anonymous said...

Cameron has a similar view to myself, as expressed in the Telegraph today (also featured on ConHome). I might be tempted, if it weren't for the headbangers still in the Tory party, the opportunists who are "supporting" Cameron now but don't actually believe in liberalism, etc. etc.