Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. John Redwood on why Gordon Brown's latest Northern Rock wheeze is wrong-headed.
2. Bob Piper has some sensible thoughts (insert cheap jibe here) on doing deals with the LibDems.
3. Donal Blaney has some astonishing revelations about Shaun Woodward's foreign travels.
4. Daily Referendum is in a naming and shaming mood.
5. Paul Flynn MP half expects David Miliband to ask him about the facts of life.
6. Justin Webb denies the BBC is overexcited by the Democrats.
7. Cassilis has a new look.
8. Tracey Crouch on her live TV debut, talking about the Maidstone & the Weald selection.
9. Norfolk Blogger has it in for that nice Francois Mitterand.
10. James Kirkup suggests the Electoral Commission should handle all political donations.
11. Adam Boulton on the good and bad sides of Gordon Brown on foreign trips.
12. Mark Pack from LibDem Voice disovers he is not a real person.


Anonymous said...

I thought item #2 referred to Billie Piper and clicked through expecting to see the resurrection of "Fool Britannia". Imagine my disappointment it was only Bob Piper.

So no chance of Mr and Mrs Clegg in "hello!" anytime soon , bugger...

Newmania said...

Pipers post is very good actually , he is an anoying sod but right on this one .
The Liberals have a history of duplicity and deal making , ( it comes with the territory to be fair ) their membership will not have an alliance with the Conservatives so they will do a deal with Brown. There they will force PR and engineer it so as to establish a thousand year Reich of the centre left such as has appeared elsewhere in Europe. Given the momentous possibility all those who are wavering and thinking of supporting the Liberals must be aware of the realities of their position In the absence of undertakings to the contrary it will be justifiably assumed to be where the shortest and only route to power . It is quite reasonable that this fact should be advertised.

Vote Clegg get Brown

Newmania said...

Cassilis has a new look ... Seriously ?

Anonymous said...

Not only are the BBC over excited by the democrats, they are over excited by Hillary Clinton. They acknowledged her "victory" yesterday as a "big" one, despite a 6 point victory after being around 25 points ahead in the polls at the end of November, and despite the fact Obama took more delegates from the state.