Friday, January 25, 2008

Porridge Anyone?

HERE'S an answer to a parliamentary question which might be of interest to Peter Hain, Peter Watt, Wendy Alexander, Harriet Harman ... well, the list is too long for me to continue.


Astro-Turf Lawnmower said...

Glad to see the Met, who are the chaps investigating Hain, have the best results in getting these characters banged up.

jailhouselawyer said...

They don't serve porridge in English prisons anymore, and have not done so for a number of years. May be it is an indication that prison reform does really exist, they now serve cornflakes.

Anonymous said...

Off topic Iain, but have you seen La Toynbee's total asassination of Brown's Labour in today's Guardian?

Unsworth said...

Cornflakes? That constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Prison Reform still needs to address the matter of unrepentant AXE KILLERS.

Why are these people released and allowed to receive Benefits when they are fit for work?

Further, the DWP's new Pathways to Work Scheme provides much opportunity for released AXE KILLERS to make their contribution to society by getting a job instead of trolling the internet and glorying in their 'notoriety'.

If you know of an AXE KILLER who should get a job instead of poncing off my taxes kindly call the following:

National Benefit Fraud Hotline:

0800 854 440

Not a sheep said...

The prosecution of Peter Hain will not go ahead? Either because "a prosecution would not be in the public interest" or because there is "insufficient evidence to prosecute"

It will be one or the other because for some peculiar reason Labour government ministers never seem to get prosecuted, strange that...

Anonymous said...

That's a really nice picture you've put on your blog, Mr Hirst.


Guido's cartoon was meant to be a joke. And your's? But then - you are an expert on this subject.

Don't worry - it's been copied for future reference.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that Jailhouse's rehabilitation has failed.

As he is probably on licence for life, I would suggest that any Probation Officers in Hull also copy the image, as Jailhouse still has this fixation on blood-letting, particularly from the cranial region.

Further, it seems that Jailhouse prefers to spend his freedom, so generously given by our legal system, in manifesting his clear obsession with other people's blood, instead of seeking gainful employment.

Maybe these people could assist him in his rehabilitation:

National Benefit Fraud Hotline:

0800 854 440.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Calvert QC, who prosecuted John Hirst ("jailhouselawyer") at his trial, said:

"On the evening of June 23 they were watching television when Mrs Burton [Hirst's landlady] asked the defendant [Hirst] to collect some coal from the shed. He went to the shed, got the coal and at the same time picked up a heavy hand axe. He returned to the living room, put the coal on the fire, and then approached Mrs Burton and hit her, perhaps seven times, on the head with the axe. He then went to the kitchen to make coffee and drank it, waiting for Mrs Burton to die."

On the night he was arrested, a police officer remembered asking Hirst in his cell if he felt any remorse. "No, it is part of life," he said. "It is all in the past and I can forget it now. I bet she had got a bit of a headache."

Extracts from The Guardian, 18 Nov 2006