Monday, January 14, 2008

Dale to Confront Heffer on Telegraph TV Each Week

This Thursday sees the launch of a new weekly programme on Telegraph TV called HEFFER CONFRONTED, in which I take Simon Heffer to task on whatever he's written in his Wednesday Column. The format is similar to that of the Alas Smith & Jones sketches, apart from we will appear almost nose to nose. Simon and I have already recorded a couple of pilots. HEFFER CONFRONTED will sit in the middle of a new programme called RIGHT ON, hosted by Andrew Pierce and Ann Widdecombe.

These two programmes are part of a new series of ten different programmes Telegraph TV is launching this month. Full details HERE.
It is the politics show that's politically right, not politically correct," said Guy Ruddle, the multimedia editor of Telegraph Media Group. "It is political TV with bias." The highlight of the programme is set to be the segment called Heffer Confronted, which will see the Daily Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer challenged about his Wednesday column by political blogger Iain Dale, filmed in a style that recalls the 1980s sketch programme Alas Smith and Jones. "We wanted someone who is right of centre but has more moderate views than Simon to challenge what Simon says," Ruddle said.
I can't remember the last time I was descibed as a moderate!

I have also just been signed up by Friction TV to host a weekly interview programme, which will start during February. More details later in the month.


Anonymous said...

While I wish you luck, how much is there to be gained by the Conservative Party from this?
It sounds rather like self-indulgence.
Floating voters will wonder why Tories are spending so much energy debating with themselves when there are are plenty of debates to be won in the outside world against their opponents.
Rather than giving the impression of a group of lively, open minded people, the format is likely to make you all look like nerds far too busy settling scores in your own back yard to be of use to those outside.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me Mr Dale whilst I ponder slightly off topic…!

But by any chance, did you catch Stephen Fry in ITV’s new series of Kingdom?

It concerns a statuesque middle aged gentleman of a particular persuasion, with Norfolk connections and a penchant for garishly coloured shirts and equally vibrant ties.

Any thoughts…?

Anonymous said...

While you are doing this, you might tell the Telegraph bosses that Heffer's anti-Cameron diatribes and the paper's pro-Brown stances are turning readers away in droves.

Miss Wagstaff said...

I don't know how you find the time, Iain.

Curbishly said...



Talking to my newsagent this morning and he was telling me how his daily demand for the Telegraph has gone down over the past few weeks.

JamieC said...

Hi Iain. I think it's a great idea for the Telegraph to be launching these kind of initiatives. Personally coming from a different political persuasion than yourself I am disappointed that the Left has not been using the web and new media as effectively as the Right has. But the more debate, information and ideas floating around in cyberspace from all political viewpoints the better IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Ask Heffer why he backs UKIP which gets only 2% support and is riven by splits and factions.

Newmania said...

There was an article in the New Statesman a while ago called 'The Guilty Pleasure of Simon Heffer' you might like to look at.

Anonymous said...

Curbishlyauto said...
"...the Telegraph has gone down over the past few weeks."

The Telegraph has gone down recently but the ABC figures show that the Times, Guardian and Independent have gone down even more

M. Hristov said...

This looks as if it will be good. My questions for Mr Heffer.

1) Why are you supporting a man, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is discriminating against UK citizens who live in his country (by removing health benefits for non-pensioners who have lived there for more than 2 years) and who believes that Tony Blair should be the first President of Europe?

2) Why did you initially support Gordon Brown in a vociferous manner?

3) Why do you seem to hate David Cameron?

4) If the answer to 3 is “because he has no policies”, you can remind S. Heffer that a certain Mrs Margaret Thatcher did not delineate her policies during most of her period as Leader of the Opposition?

5) Why do you think that President Putin is the devil incarnate and more evil than any other current world leader? Is it because he frightens the Daily Telegraph’s rich Russian friends?

And so on.

Anonymous said...

Will Heffer be able to take Dale to task?

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading the Telegraph some time ago.
The Times and Independent are more supportive of Tory policies now and I recommend them to erstwhile Telegraph readers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I look forward to watching both.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware that the Telegraph has gone downhill and become more tabloid-y in recent months (even in recent weeks), but I can't see any evidence that it's changing its allegiance to Brown. Could someone give an example?